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The human body
Dirty electricity
is unused electricity that the body   absorbs. It is at high levels in places with many appliances on, generating fatigue   imbalance, and discomfort   
Clean the electricity

reduces power consumption $$$ 
prolongs the life of all electronics &
the investment recovers in 2-5 years.

It also benefits your work team,
customers and family, as there are
diseases caused by this pollution

lower your electricity bill
extend the life of equipment
eliminates voltage distortions
reduces harmful EMF radiation
designed for solar systems, home
and commercial applications


 next to the breaker panel 

designed to solar systems, homes
and commercial applications
the electricity bill decreases
the life of equipment is extended
no more voltage distortions
the electrical radiation is cleaned
Clean the electricity
produces electricity need it to move,   think and feel. The volts escaping from   electrical wiring reach us and affects  those natural electrical pulses  
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