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Tantric Sex, The Most Powerful Practice to Reverse your Biological Age and Get Enlightened

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Practicing Tantric sex is very beneficial to look younger, more beautiful and have much more pleasure when you make love. It is a method for harvesting light in the spirit that can be used for reversing your biological age or to manifest your goals faster with the law of attraction. If you already heard about Kabbalah, let me tell you that for us the Kabbalists, the intercourse on Sabbath (Friday night), the day of Venus, it is the most powerful meditation.

Tantric sex improves your whole life, it is the fastest way to enlighten and a powerful practice to rejuvenate your body. It is the occult practice of alchemy to transform your spirit from a small, dark state to a huge, bright, golden one. When this invisible area of your body has a lot of light, your cells can use it for the proper maintenance and repair, which leads to rejuvenation. A person who looks older is nothing more than a person with deteriorated body.

When your spirit is healthy you are protected against viruses as doctor Joe Dispenza discovered in his research. Many ignorant attacked him but this is nothing new. Whilhelm Reich talked about it time ago and because I have been meditating for more than 10 years I did not get covid-19 living with my roommate ill during her quarantine. We were sharing the same flat and I did not take any measure or distance as I described in this article I wrote.

You get unimaginable potential in all areas of your life by having a golden bright spirit and Tantric sex is a shortcut. A person with a dark spirit is usually depressed, negative, tired, aggressive, gets sick often and things do not go well in life. So below you will find excellent information, and advice on how to practice Tantric sex, which is the most powerful spiritual practice. Harvesting sexual energy is the fastest way to spiritual advancement.

What really is Tantric sex?

Tantric sex is a method to accumulate light in the spirit during the act of procreation. When a man and a woman are making love they are cooking another living being. At that moment a lot of light is produced and gathered to be transmitted to the baby. It is a sacred instant where the couple is capable of creating life. With this strategic practice, a lot of energy can be stored and distributed in the body and spirit of the couple by avoiding the ejaculation.

This light stored is energy that can be used by your cells for internal repair and maintenance. As your body deteriorates when you age, so does your spirit, becoming smaller and dark while at early age it is larger and brighter. As a consequence, your cells have less light at their disposal and can no longer function as before. Accumulating light in the spirit thought tantric sex is a good anti-aging practice as fasting, the use of saunas and supplementation.

As it is shown in the video below during the exercise the energy arising can be directed to a certain area of the body that needs healing. Also the constant practice helps to dissolve traumas which basically are just black spots in the spirit that transmute into light. When they are clean up, the person no longer has a negative influence from trauma, it is uprooted. In general, there is a great improvement in all areas of the life and health.

Tantra is a sacred communion between a man and a woman and a method of accumulating light in the spirit which cannot be achieved if you practice it alone. Your fluids are loaded with a lot of life force that is wasted through your fluids when you masturbate even if you don't ejaculate as result your spirit loses light. In addition, Tantric sex should be practiced without a condom because only when the fluids are mixed the energy is transmuted to a very subtle state, and this is the energy that should be stored, this is why oral sex is recommended.

How to practice Tantric sex ?

You can practice it every time you make love with your partner as long as you respect certain steps that I will explain briefly. The most important thing is to avoid male orgasm, second to move the energy from the sexual organs to the heart, brain and rotate it from person to person and third using positions that allow both hearts to be close to each other.

During the act when the climax is approaching, the ejaculation should be controlled by reducing the exposure of excitement. Then, the energy goes down and again should be increased it by continuing loving your partner. The process should be repeated again and again during the time you want. With this exercise is introduced enough beneficial energy into the body of the couple to rejuvenate organs, maintain health, improve mental performance and accelerate the manifestations of their goals.

Semen retention is the most important step and the secret to improve the couple's sexual pleasure but also to grow their spirits through practice. They are going to expand and fill with the light that is continuously harvested. It is not easy and requires effort and communication with the woman who must stop any movement when ejaculation approaches to avoid it. Once this is mastered, making love will be very pleasant.

Even the spirit of the female will darken if her partner ejaculates because there is an energetic union. During the first practices it is better to have enough time together and having a slow pace because it is important to last as long as possible for harvesting more light. The energies take time to accumulate in large quantities inside the body.

When you make love, mainly use positions that allow you to see the face of your lover and the ones that maintain both hearts close. Keep yourself inside your partner as much as possible and there use your imagination to expand the energy field from your heart by closing your eyes and visualizing energy ascending from the first energy center located in the sexual organs moving to the heart. Then, imagine a circle around your heart in expasion.

Later move the energy to your brain and rotate it between you and your partner. All these processes takes time. This is a type of meditation because you are using your mind to direct the energy and It is your mind an area of your spirit. To gain experience in directing your body's energy, practice the blessing of the energy centers, which is a meditation shown at the end of this article. I recommend oral sex after been raising the energy to the brain.

Feel the love and pleasure of becoming one with your lover and use the imagination during the practice to manifest everything you want in your life while your are inside your partner. This is the best time to visualize anything and for best results listen uplifting music or use a radionic device emitting the 528 Hertz frequency, which is excellent for Tantric practices.

Tips to Practice Tantric Sex

- Too much theater is not necessary, just making love to the right person, someone you love and avoiding male ejaculation accomplishes 70% of the process.This will allow the man to make love as long as he wants, because there is no loss of energy. Moving energy to the heart and brain is necessary to distribute light throughout your body to activate your spiritual power and transmute your dark spirit into gold, this is the true process of alchemy.

- Practice meditation everyday to you be able controlling your mind to direct the energy when you are inside your lover. Most people cannot visualize or direct their energy just because they are unable to control their thoughts. After meditating for a while you are able to practice Tantric sex with easy in any intercourse even if it is a fast one.

- Do not eat a big meal just before, this is important because you need to ascend the energy from the lower centers to the brain. Eating some raw fruits and vegetables is ok and drinking teas or smoothies but the best is a cup of cacao to open the heart chakra. And if you want to eat something while you are getting closer it is fine but do not saturate your stomach.

- The best supplements to consume for great results are Maca extract that helps enhance the sexual desire of the couple. Gotu Kola, which is a powerful anti-aging herb that activates the highest energy center in the body. And Ashwagandha that balances your glands which are connected to the energy centers of the body. It also increases libido, both in men and women. All them are available in eBay in different presentations and prices.

- The hardest part is to avoid ejaculation, to achieve the injaculation as explained the guru of the video above. When the orgasm approaches, you must stop every movement from you and your partner. It helps placing the tongue to the upper inner part of your mouth and avoid it at all costs. You will be able to develop your own method with the constant practice and as a result the quality of intimacy, emotions and sensations will intensify over time for both.

- If you can't avoid ejaculation at beginning, to avoid keeping the spirit dark for days and your energy low, I recommend taking semen enhancing supplements to increase volume and testosterone production like Tribulus Terrestris. This is a medicinal herb used for centuries to improve low testosterone levels and male fertility or Shatavari an excellent herb known for its aphrodisiac and rejuvenating properties. It is a potent spermatogenic medicine.

- Using candles, essential oils and a radionic device could be a great method of inducing the relaxation needed to increase the spiritual power to perform sex magik. For more on the subject, check out the video below with Emily Fletcher, founder of Ziva Meditation.

Tantra for Enlightenment

Enlightenment is a state everyone is able to accomplish with the right guide and constant practice. It is the end of suffering because on this condition you feel amazing due to the constant production of the hormones Oxytocin and Dopamine in your heart, what makes you feel amazing, happy, in peace with everyone and no event, person or situation is able to steal this feeling. Also in this condition everything you want to manifest materializes quickly.

People describe enlightenment as a divine state because in this condition the spirit has too much energy that it is possible to materialize with it any goal quickly. Basically you become a mini god, a co-creator and this shape is possible to achieve by accumulating light in the spirit for years and during sexual intercourse you can harvest a lot of light there.

With spiritual practices such as meditation or Qi gong it is possible to expand the size of your spirit as your muscles do after working out for months. It is then purified and filled with the light accumulated daily. It becomes huge and bright and this is what is called illumination. To achieve this state first you need to awaken your Kundalini energy and activate your Pineal gland. And Here is an article that can help you to switch on this gland.

The road to enlightenment is a long and challenging discipline hard to maintain but by practicing Tantric sex that disciplined practice is inherently enjoyable. This is the type of training that everyone would like to do for longer and more intensely, which give results faster. Tantric sex is dramatically different from regular sex. Regular sex does not elevate you to a sacred plane and the Sexual yoga not only brings you bliss, but it also cleanses your disturbing emotions and troubling thoughts.

But it is your whole lifestyle that leads you to enlightenment and not just Tantric sex. You need to harvest light in your spirit and avoid the things that shrink your spirit such as living in stress, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, eating meat, sugars or processed foods and medications. Also, it is important that you practice with a partner with positive thoughts, habits, and feelings. For more information contact me or check out this esoteric book I wrote.

I am an anti-aging coach and not many people is talking about the great benefits of Sexual Yoga for improving health, beauty and look younger. So if you want to know more about my coaching sessions write to me on Telegram, my user is @Pranachy and subscribe to my newsletter that I will publish more information on the subject very soon.




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