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Why do I recommend having an orgone generator as a holistic health coach?

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

An orgone generator is the machine that cleans the electromagnetic pollution on my bedroom, that made me suffer a nightmare for 2 years. During these years I had horrible migraines and very intense insomnia, I am talking about 2 or 3 nights per week with no sleeping the whole night. But from this terrible experience, something amazing arose which was the solution to the insomnia I suffered for 15 years, an orgone generator.

Since I brought this device to clean the toxic energetic environment in my bedroom and the environment greatly improved but also my sleep improved day after day until I was able to sleep as everyone does. Insomnia cured ! super amazing !

But it is very interesting how this device induces sleep by influencing your brainwave activity, what consider pure gold as an anti-aging health coach. Because promotes delta sleep what makes your body release more the anti-aging hormone called growth hormone.

The second reason why I recommend having an orgone generator is because you can create living water with it, which is the state that water has in nature where it is in movement and saturated with life force. It is the healthiest water you can drink. Most of water people drink is dead, very low quality, it is rotten and nobody is talking about it.

And the 3rd reason is that many homes and offices are infested with stagnant energy which is unhealthy and this device saturates an area with abundant life energy in a harmonious vibration creating a very healthy energetic environment. But I will talk in detail about each reason next, and I'll start talking about why delta sleep is strategic for your health and beauty.

Why I recommend having an orgone generator as a holistic health coach

About Growth Hormone

This wonderful hormone is the best solution for reducing wrinkles, burn fat, and keep your body rejuvenating. As an anti-aging health coach, I focused on keeping this hormone released constantly for its great benefits like improving your appearance and look younger, reduce wrinkles and even help you burn fat. How do I know this ? Here is the answer :)

How to release more growth hormone ?

To produce more growth hormone you need to lower the production of insulin, practicing moderate exercise, taking GABA supplementation before sleeping, practicing long fastings, and sleeping with an orgone generator pulsing the life energy at the frequency 3.5 Hz or lower to promote delta sleep, but caffeine and alcohol disrupt the sleep cycle if they are consumed 5 to 6 hours before sleep even if you can sleep well after drinking them.

The anti-aging hormone is released in big amounts during the deepest state of sleep called delta sleep because your brainwave activity is delta, very slow. And this state can be influenced by this machine and precisely because of this is how it cured my insomnia. Now I fall asleep with ease, sleep the whole night and even wake up and continue sleeping if I want. But also I dream often and the next day I can remember them.

When the inventor told me that influences the brainwave activity for sure I believe him. I do not need any scientific evidence I already tested it on my own and is clear to me how valuable is this gadget. It is so strategic, that going to be in any household like a fridge very soon after people discover how polluted is the energetic environment in many cities.

Many people suffer from insomnia because their bedrooms have this energy polluted and are infested with artificial frequencies which are arrhythmic and imbalance the mind because everything in nature has rhythm, and this device emits a harmonic vibration that predominates which is healthy for the body, mind, and spirit cleaning the ambiance from stagnant energy that is harmful, that causes depression, insomnia, and migraines.

Why I recommend having an orgone generator as a holistic health coach

Using an orgone generator to create the healthiest water to drink

The water in bottles you find in any store is dead, low quality. All the benefits for your health are reduced when the water is rotten. Even the taste is different, and it is more important quality than quantity even drinking too much water is unhealthy if you do not consume more electrolytes because you release them by drinking a lot of water.

Many people think that water dissolves the body fat and they drink a lot, only when insulin is off you can burn fat. The hormone insulin stops the fat-burning process and drinking one soda blocks the fat-burning for hours even days. So drinking high-quality water is what you need to focus on to keep your body hydrated and not drinking a lot of it. If you want a real improvement reduce sugar consumption and drink more tea, coffee, and living water.

How to create the healthiest water to drink ?

Just by placing a bottle with water close to an orgone generator for 5 minutes you could saturate the beverage with life force energy and activate the ordered state that has in nature where is in movement and infested with life energy from the environment. The molecules of the beverage going to be excited by the energy pulsed by the device maintaining movement even if the water is still, the taste improves and hydrates much more.

When you drink only living water if you taste again the normal water you going to feel lucky of having a generator. In this video, you can see how a life energy meter is detecting the increment of life energy stored on the water. This energy can be measured but it is hidden and ridiculized because is basically free healthy electricity available everywhere for free.

If you want to taste the living water send me an email with your name and I will send you an image that you need to print on paper where the energy from a generator in Atlanta will arrive for 72 hours. But the energy will not arrive immediately, it going to take a few hours after you receive the image by email. This is because we need to put the image in a generator and sometimes we are just in the streets, or somewhere away from the lab.

The energy going to arrive at this image for 3 days. And if you feel a complete change in the environment is because your place is infested with dirty energy and you need a generator with urgency. Then, place a crystal glass with the water your normally drink at the top of the image for 30 minutes or more but maintain the image away from the water you normally drink. After 30 minutes take the water from the image, and go to the room where is the water you drink and there compare the taste of both.

Why I recommend having an orgone generator as a holistic health coach

Many people spend their time in places contaminated energetically.

When your body is surrounded by clean Life energy it remains in great condition even after death. On this link, you can download an interesting study on rats exposed to an orgone generator with the design created by Wilhelm Reich. Two groups of rats were compared, one without exposure to the orgone and the group exposed extended their life span. And their bodies remained in good conditions even after death.

Many pyramids maintain human's bodies in a good state after death because of how the energy vibrates there. What makes people put their beds inside huge pyramids to enjoy the benefits of this structure. But it's easier and more beneficial turning on a generator in the bedroom 24 hours. And keeping the water you drink close to the device in a glass jar.

Most of the water people drink is dead but also many of them spend most of their time in places with abundant contaminated energy, which is unhealthy. While being surrounded by abundant clean life energy is quite beneficial, it extends your healthspan and improves your appearance as well. It is important as breathing clean air and drinking living water as well.

An orgone generator creates the energetic environment of the forest especially if the life energy is pulsed at 528Hz which is how vibrates everything green you see in nature. It is well known as the love frequency and balances the heart chakra. This vibration is very beneficial as sleeping with the frequency 3.5 Hz but before bed keep a distance of blue light from computers and cellphone which delays the production of growth hormone during sleep.

In the past, people do not care about smokers, but then we discovered how unhealthy is to spend time in a place saturated with polluted air and now people do not care about spending time in environments polluted with dirty energy but more and more people are discovering how beneficial is to be surrounded with clean life energy vibrating in a harmonious frequency.

Interesting, right ?

If you want to know more about the orgone generators, write me an email to plan a meeting over the phone. Also feel free to contact me if you want to know How can I help you to lose weight and reverse your biological age, or just book my services here. But before going subscribe to my newsletter to keep in contact with me, I will send you only good news, discounts, and surprises as well. And if you are using Pinterest let´s be friends there :)




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