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How to Open and Balance Your Chakras With Meditation ?

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Maintaining your Chakras open is very important for having an incredible health, to heal any disease, and to access an unimaginable potential by creating a huge field of energy around your body that can be used for manifestation. This field is produced by your heart when you move the energy used to create life from your sexual organs to your heart and brain. Which is strategic not only for your health, but also to take control of the circumstances of your life.

A person who meditates for years more than 30 minutes every day experiences things that cannot be shared with most people, who are still unable to perceive that reality is only a mental and spiritual projection of energies and a reflection of what you are. And this article is about the science behind the energy centers, how to open them to you be able to raise your energy and achieve tremendous spiritual power, body coherence and excellent health.

Many people have most of their energy in the lower Chakras and shrink their spirits with wrong habits like eating too often or the wrong food. In addition, living with stress, fear or anger produces chemicals in the body from the light of your spirit, reducing its size. This invisible part of your body also becomes dark with the wrong sexual activity, what depletes the life force and about all this and more I going to talk next.

What Are the Chakras ?

Chakras are centers of energy and information connected to certain parts of the body with individual clusters of neurological networks or mini-brains. Each of these centers has a neurologic tissue and when consciousness activates neurological tissues it creates what we commonly think of as our minds. Then, each energy center has its own mind. Every center has its own individual glands, hormones, chemistry and plexus of neurons.

When your Chakras are unbalanced the communication within your body become incoherent and your brain as well and as result disease is manifested. When this happens, the plexuses of neurons begin to change the hormonal expression and nerve conductivity of the different corresponding organs, tissues, and cells throughout the body. Many diseases that doctors are trying to solve with toxic drugs can be easily cured by balancing these energy centers.

Your body is not only made up of energy and light, it is consistently and continuously sending and receiving light and information through these centers. And whenever these plexuses of neurons become incoherent, they begin to change the hormonal expression and nerve conductivity of the different corresponding organs, tissues, and cells throughout the body.

The Incredible Benefits of Activating All Your Chakras

When your energy centers are open and align you gain an incredible potential, excellent health and a huge field of energy around the body is activated that you can use to heal any illness in yourself or others. And this can be done remotely as Dr. Joe Dispenza did in his seminar with a person who woke up from a coma just after his attendees sent energy remotely using only a photo of the patient. When some organ has a negative condition, is just vibrating in a low frequency and its activity can be restored by raising the vibration.

Most of the people have a small dark and unhealthy spirit. When your spirit is huge you are in a higher dimension where viruses cannot reach you. This is why I did not get sick from Covid living next to my roommate during her quarantine while my other roommate got it. When all this circus started I knew that I will never get this disease because of my habits, diet and vibration. I never washed my hands more often, I kept offering hugs and gathering with my friends, visiting illegal parties. I was not part of this drama because I am not an ignorant.

Most doctors ignore that the biggest part of the body is invisible and that you can use plants to heal any disease, so you can prevent most of them with the right diet and avoiding all the toxicity people are exposed. There is flour in water, heavy metals spread by airplanes, pesticides in foods, a lot of negative content that cause you stress, fear or anger, all this unbalance your energy centers and maintain your spirit dark and unhealthy. Also, vaccines.

So before talking about how to activate your Chakras, it is important that you know that some habits and foods unbalance them like ultra-processed foods or products saturated with refined sugars, like sodas, that deplete your body's nutrients causing aging. The main causes of death worldwide are due to the diet. Cancer cells feed on sugars but eating fruits is healthy, for example the main way to activate Sirtuin 6 is eating fruits like strawberries. Sirtuin 6 is the most important protein to activate if you want to reverse your biological age.

Activities like the wrong sexual activity, eating too often and negative emotions drain energy from the higher Chakras and close them. Therefore, intermittent fasting, eating strategically, mostly organic foods and practicing Tantric sex are recommended activities to keep your Chakras open, which will keep the light flowing throughout your body and spirit properly and to balance your energy centers you can use the products described in this article I wrote.

How to activate and balance your Chakras with meditation ?

How to Balance and Open Your Chakras ?

The best way to activate each center is placing your attention on it and the space around, during meditation. There are mantras and crystals people use and even certain frequencies that you can broadcast with a radionic device but only by meditating will you be able to raise your energy and activate each of these centers of energy and information. If you have trouble to control your mind just follow the guided meditation from the video below.

Each center is connected and the energy that nourished them are mainly in your sexual organs, which is the energy you use to create life, another living being. So, you need to ascend this energy to the higher Chakras, one by one starting with bottom to top. When this energy reaches the heart center the electromagnetic field produced by your heart is expanded and it can reaches even 9 meters of distance and of course it can be measured.

So, during meditation, you need to focus your attention on each center and the space around them because everything in the Universe is particle and wave. By doing so you going to nourish with energy each plexus of neurons located on your body and activate its own mind, which will allow them to emit light and information. This is because where you place your attention you place your energy, this energy will make them to vibrate and function properly.

You need to keep your back straight and close your eyes, then breath deeply and slowly and feel your body for a few minutes until your mind is quiet. Then, place your attention in the first energy center that it is located in the base of the perineum, where your sexual organs are. Try to feel its vibration or energy for a few minutes and then place your attention in the space that surrounds that area, it is a field of light in space around that the center.

By touching this part for a few minutes with the hand you use to write is possible to channel light there to balance it. You can use a large cluster of white quartz the size of your hand to balance each energy center. The size is very important, small crystals do not help, placing it close to the area for a few minutes is enough. This is the method by which you are going to activate each center. You going to ascend your sexual energy to your heart and brain.

The second Chakra is located a bit below of your navel and you going to focus your attention there, finding its vibration, you can touch this area to channel life force from your hands or crystal and then put your attention in the space around it. The next one is solar plexus but also it is important for maintaining them balanced, avoiding stress, overthinking, toxins as alcohol, cigarettes and keep your home clean from toxic energies with an orgone generator.

The next, it is the most important Center, the one located in your heart because when you move energy there, a huge magnetic field of energy is activated around your body and you can use it to manifest what you want in your life by using your imagination or any technique of the law of attraction. If you are not familiar with the Law of Attraction I invite you to read these articles that I wrote regarding the topic that going to help reach your goals.

Chakra Meditation

This meditation is part of the series of meditations created by Dr. Joe Dispenza called blessing of the energy centers that you can purchase here that I found available for free on youtube. From these series the one showed in the last video is the most beneficial for opening your chakras, in my opinion. After I did it one night around 1 am, next day I woke up with a lot of energy even if I only slept a few hours. But as well because I practice fasting often what helps keeping my vibration higher and taking certain supplements as vitamin D.

And after opening your heart center, the next Chakra to activate is located in your throat and you open it by keeping your attention there and the space that surrounds it. Place your hand if it is necessary and then behind your head is located the next one. Use the same method to unlock it, this center is the Pineal gland and you want to know more about how to open your third eye and which supplements can help you, please visit this article I wrote.

The seventh Chakra is in the center of your head, the Pituitary gland which is the master gland of the body and by keeping your attention there you activate it and by imagining a field of light around your head. Now all your energy centers located in your physical body are sending and receiving information. The last one is in your non physical body, a few inches above your head and you can activate it by feeling its energy and imaging a ball of light there. So, you already know How to Open and Balance your Chakras with meditation?

The last step is to direct the energy from your sexual organs to your brain through your backbone with your imagination and create a huge field of light in expansion around your head. The blessing of the energy centers meditation is excellent master to learn how to control and direct your energy. If you have questions feel free to contact me in Telegram, or you are interested to know about my coaching services, my username is@Pranachy

I am a spiritual coach who enjoys guiding people to accomplish their goals but you can write me as well if you want to know about the orgone generators which is a device you can use to balance your energy centers and remove toxic energies in the home produced by wireless communications. And don't leave without subscribing to my newsletter so that I can send you notifications, discounts and surprises. On the other hand, I invite you to share this article with all those you know who enjoy reading about these topics, thank you !




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