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How to Get the Health Benefits of Aerobic Exercise Without Doing Aerobic Exercise

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Next I am going to talk about one of the best anti-aging treatments that exist that not only reduces the risk of suffering from a disease by 40%, but also increases NAD+ in the body, one of the most valued coenzymes by those leading an anti-aging lifestyle. The decline with age promotes deterioration of the body, so keep it in the right levels supports youth.

One of the reasons the body age is because Sirtuin function declines year after year. Which is the result of decreased NAD+. Then keeping NAD+ high is a very important anti-aging strategy to focus after 38 years old because then, the decline gets intense and the body age.

This is because sirtuins cleans the genes from pollution inside the body, that contamination stick into the gens and they turn on while they should be off. Sirutins clean that pollution and as result the gene turn off automatically, this is why detoxifying your body often is important.

The next anti-aging strategy also helps your body to detox, and provide the health benefits of aerobic exercise without doing aerobic exercise what is interesting. However we live to experience great moments and for that is required movement. But just check out the other benefits: it improves insomnia, ameliorates skin, accelerate metabolism, reduces stress, depression, improves overall health, wellness and performance. Just keep in mind that I am not writing this article to support laziness, staying active is "super" important for life quality.

How to Get the Health Benefits of Aerobic Exercise Without Doing Aerobic Exercise

How to Get the Health Benefits of Aerobic Exercise Without Doing Aerobic Exercise

Utilizing sauna more than 4 times per week replicates the effects of aerobic exercise in many ways. The heat is extreme for your body and makes the cardiovascular system very active to maintain the balance the body needs, and activity from this system is very similar as when aerobic exercise is practiced. In both situations the circulatory system works to eliminate the heat by increasing blood flow, heat rate, sweating and cardiovascular fitness.

Spending over 20 minutes in a sauna also produces the post exercise euphoria one feels after exercise, as well as relaxation, less tension, and better sleep. It promotes muscle recovery, pain relief and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease or stroke.

On the other hand enhances cognitive performance and slow down the aging process by promoting the release of several anti ageing hormones such as Human growth hormone and insulin growth factor 1(IGF-1) which are very beneficial for healing injuries. These are the hormones produced when there is no insulin released for hours, during fasting or sleeping.

Human growth hormone and insulin growth factor 1 are hormones that help to burn body fat.

The exposure to extreme heat helps the body to grow more efficiently, it boosts muscle growth even without the use of weight training but fitness people use it because improves muscle growth, muscle recovery and increases athletic performance. But notice that it is important that the temperature of the sauna be around 79 degrees Celsius and to remain there for at least 20 minutes for the heat stress activates the expression of the genes that are involved in DNA repair. They promote longevity and protect against DNA damage.

Visiting the Sauna 4-7 Times a Week Extends your Healthspan Considerably

One of the most important benefits from visiting saunas is the increase of oxygen delivery through the blood. Which is also one of the great benefits provided by infrared light therapy that I recommend to the people not able to visit a sauna quite often. The benefits from both therapies are very similar. If you are leading an anti-aging life style is strategic that you know all methods that exists and then using them as soon as possible because day after day your body deteriorates or rejuvenates according to your lifestyle and the strategies you take.

In relation to the hallmarks of aging, the reasons why the body deteriorates when a person get older, visiting saunas often helps to reduce 2 of them, epigenetic alterations and genomic instability by increasing NAD+. Other strategies to improve NAD+ levels are supplementation, fasting, caloric restriction, high intensity exercise and low glucose intake.

No many positive effects you get by visiting the sauna once per week. A Finnish study showed that men who used a sauna 4-7 times a week saw a 65% reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease compared to people who use a sauna only once a week.

The more often you visit the sauna the more health benefits you will get.

The body evolves to adapt to the constant heat and this alteration has a very positive effect, it maintains the body stronger, working more efficiently and reduces Inflammation, something that can help to improve chronic conditions. There are many human studies with a lot of participants that concluded that frequent Sauna use extend the healthspan like this one.

The improvement of oxygen distribution has an amazing impact. It helps the body function more efficiently and better rejuvenation is observed when more oxygen can be used by the cells. This is why Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is very beneficial, which is another great anti-aging treatment used for stem cell proliferation. I will talk about it soon, so subscribe to my newsletter so I can contact you when I publish more new content or follow me in Pinterest.




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