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CDC is lying to society and spreading misinformation about diabetes that can be harmful to people.

Today I came across this article from the CDC that describes Type 2 diabetes as a health condition that cannot be cured, which is completely false. Whoever wrote this article imagines that the cure for any imbalance in the body must came from a product and not by restoring the balance. Type 2 diabetes can be easily heal and next I going to tell you how.

Who wrote that text should say that there is no medication that can cure diabetes because there is not, but lifestyle changes can. My dad was a user of diabetes medications that only reduce symptoms and create great consumers. So, next I'm going to talk about what type 2 diabetes really is and reveal one of the best anti-aging secrets that I offer to the people who book my coaching sessions, that helps to reduce the spike of insulin in the body.

It is not something that will cure it, just balancing the hormone insulin with lifestyle can cure diabetes, but in order to take the correct steps, you must first know what I am going to talk about next. And I recommend you visit the YouTube channels of Dr. Eric Berg, Dr. Josh Axe, Anthony William and this blog to get an idea of how to cure any condition naturally. GOD put the solution to any disease in the plant kingdom, whoever wants to debate this is an ignorant.

What is Type 2 Diabetes ?

It is a condition in which cells reject insulin and starve because they need it to digest their food and the pancreas worried about starving cells tries to help them producing more insulin and this causes the cells to reject even more insulin. As a consequence, the body is unable to assimilate some nutrients and many problems can arise because of that.

Any negative condition result of diabetes is due to a lack of nutrients in the body, and even if the person consumes them from the best supplements, they are not assimilated. And then I'm going to talk about what caused the cells to reject the insulin. Because that hormonal imbalance causes that sugar is poorly absorbed and accumulates in large quantities.

What Causes Type 2 Diabetes ?

The only cause of diabetes is an improper diet. Eating certain foods causes your pancreas to produce too much insulin like foods with sugars and carbohydrates, specially the foods from the most famous chains, sodas, chips, hamburgers, candy bars, cereals, energy drinks, alcoholic beverages and the food that makes your body produce less insulin are vegetables.

Low nutritional foods not only do not contain nutrients but also make your body use its reserves to oxidase the sugars and as a result you feel hungry often because every time your body needs nutrients you feel hungry and if you do not introduce nutrients when you eat very soon you will be hungry again. And every time you eat the pancreas produce insulin.

So, frequent eating and the wrong food is what causes diabetes and the method to reverse it is to practice intermittent fasting and a healthy ketogenic diet. To learn more about both, check out this free book available on Dr. Eric Berg's website. We do not collaborate, I recommend it because it is incredible and free. You can also access good information on how to cure and prevent diabetes naturally in this article that I wrote.

As you can see, the solution is simple, a new delicious and nutritious diet. When you eat highly nutritious food, you feel less hungry, you look more beautiful, and you become healthier. Keeping your body insulin-free for long term is super healthy because activates very strategic body functions and your body sheds fat even if you don't exercise just by breathing during sleep. It is my method to help the people who book my coaching sessions to reverse their biological age, lose weight, and enhance their beauty and performance.

Tips to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

One of the drugs recommended by David Sinclair to prolong life is metformin which is a drug to control diabetes, but as you read before. I know that the solution to any disease GOD introduced in the plant kingdom and Berberine is the natural metformin which I recommend. It is safe, and should be taken 500 grams, 15 minutes before your 2 main meals of the day and after, drink a glass of water with a bit of unpasteurized organic apple cider vinegar.

This is a good method that helps to reverse aging, and diabetes. But only your lifestyle can cure this hormonal imbalance, nothing will change if you continue eating the foods that cause the spike of insulin and if you don't practice intermittent fasting. Something else that going to help is consuming one gram of extract of Turmeric 1 hour after your last meal of the day and here in eBay there are many good supplements that you can buy, check them out.

With this method the body release less insulin after eating and when insulin is present, very important bodily functions are blocked, including fat burning. And the longer you go without insulin, the more your body heals and rejuvenates. This is why fasting is super strategic because each time you eat something insulin is released and very strategic body functions are stopped. When you don't keep your body busy digesting, it repairs itself and rejuvenates.

Please keep in mind something important, it doesn't matter if your mom or dad has type 2 diabetes, the only thing that causes it is your lifestyle and nothing else. It is not a disease, it is an hormonal imbalance and by recuperating the balance it is reversed. Less than 2% of diseases are due to genes, 98% are due to the genome, which is the reader of the genes, and the genome is influenced by your lifestyle and the environment inside and outside your body. Some stuff you introduce like alcohol, vaccines, and drugs activate genes of disease.

Also a lot of food from the supermarket when you eat it become literally garbage inside your body, the environment of your cells and that activate genes of disease as well. The main causes of death on the planet are the result of people's unhealthy diets, and by eating correctly, most diseases can be prevented. It is important that you be aware that some agencies are spreading misinformation, ignore them and listen to the right people.

The mission of this blog is helping people to improve and prolong their healthspan through lifestyle and natural remedies, mostly from plants. And if you can help me to spread this information going to be amazing. Also subscribe to my newsletter to keep in contact and visit my store where there are devices that cleanse pretty well the toxic energies produced by wireless communications that deteriorate the body and imbalance your mind and spirit. If you want to know more about them contact me in Telegram, my username is @Pranachy




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