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A Bedroom Infested With Artificial EMFs is a Real Torture That an Orgone Generator Can Liberate

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

The 5 most important pillars to focus on to maintain the preservation of your body, looking at its best, delaying aging, with almost never getting sick are: Avoiding pollution and introducing pollution inside the body. The second is living in peace and inner peace, (without stress and low Cortisol levels). The third one is providing the body the nutrients needed for its functions.

They are necessary tools that are important to supply, many of them are produced in large quantities by the internal body at a young age and later decline, but can be increased again with supplementation. The fourth pillar is giving your cells enough free time for cleaning, repairing and do some internal maintenance. When you do not eat for long hours the cells clean and repair inside your body, what enormously extend the healthspan and rejuvenates.

Avoiding food for hours and even days while you provide some strategic nutrients in supplementation is one of the best methods for prolonging your healthspan. It has enormous anti-aging benefits specially if you cross the 3 days. Almost all anti-aging supplements try to mimic some benefit or path way activated naturally during fasting. But the 5th pillar is the most important for your health, performance and even your whole existence and success.

How to clean harmful energies produced by artificial EMFs

How does sleep affect the body ?

High quality and long continuous sleep is the most empowering activity in your life. The lack sleep makes your brain operates from a very instinctive area, while sleeping well charges completely your whole brain. The area with more potential needs to be charged with more sleep, and meditation. Operating most of the time with your whole brain is essential for your success, happiness, and a good life in peace, but let's talk about health and anti-aging.

Aging is how the body deteriorates as everything in the Universe. And after a bad night of sleep the deterioration is evident in the mirror. Lack of quality sleep ages the body, increases the risk of any disease by 50%, causes weight gain, stress, high cortisol levels, activates genes that promote tumor formation, deactivates genes that reduce the risk of cancer, lowers immunity, and even inactivates your immune system by the release of cortisol.

Some of the pillars to take care of to reverse the biological age or delay aging are avoiding stress (maintain cortisol low) and avoiding insulin release by fasting because insulin in the blood diminish and stops repair and cleaning functions of the body. And when you don't get enough sleep, cortisol is liberated producing a spike Insulin. Therefore, the 5th pillar affects directly other 2 pillars you work on to maintain the preservation of your body and health.

It is best to close your eyes continuously for 8 hours, without waking up, with profound dreams, and waking up revitalized and looking wonderful in the mirror. What is impossible in presence of artificial EMFs and often coming from outside home, so I want to talk about my experience. Because as electrohypersensitive person I found many ignorant doctors on the subject who wanted to solve my insomnia and migraines result of these antennas with drugs.

Avoid the damage caused by 5G Antennas

What is the reason why I can't sleep?

As a functional practitioner I look to the root cause of any health condition which is the only way to solve the health problem. Something that some health experts do is recommending ibuprofen to remove migraines and a lot of pills if the headache is often. While a functional practitioner will find out what is causing the frequent headaches to know the way to treat it for the person be able to feel great again most of the time. Very often they are result of exposure to artificial EMFs, as well as irregular sleeping without enough delta phase sleep.

The pain of a migraine is a warning from the body that it is in danger and must be listened to. The stagnant life force produced by antennas is harmful and can create all sorts of negative conditions. It is pollution and the first pillar was to avoid pollution because it promotes deterioration but also decreases the quality of sleep, the most important action to take to delay aging, live longer and maintain high mental, physical and spiritual performance.

Last year I slept in 8 different places and half of them were infested with this stagnant energy produced by the wireless technology. In one place I got fever, migraines and chronic insomnia. My friend was hosting me, she does not believe that a type of pollution like this exists and affects our body. Now she got a very serious kidney problem and she was feeling often, tired, with a low performance, negative and depressed. Her place is heavily infested.

It was surprising for me discovering that artificial EMFs can cause even fever, and it was not an isolated symptom. It was a cluster of different reactions from my body. I thought that I got fever until I detected a very chaotic mind that let me understand that I was sleeping in a very contaminated place problem solved with an orgone generator. If your bedroom is very polluted an effective way to remove those deteriorating energies is by using this device.

Another friend has a wonderful environment at home, there I slept pretty well and something in common have all those places where is hard to fall asleep, I got migraines, anxiety, fatigue, and irregular and not continuous sleeping. All them have an antenna close. They greatly unbalance the spirit and for sure people who installed them ignore that a part of our body is invisible and all the miraculous healing happening in Doctor Joe Dispenza retreats.

Every time I detect toxic and harmful energies produced by wireless communication, I maintain my orgone generator on and the symptoms disappear. The environment is greatly improved. Sometimes my friends host me for a few days at their homes and I can't arrive and keep my orgone generator running. Many of them didn't know what orgone energy is, which is something very important for your existence like air, water and food and it must be clean.

In Conclusion

Sleeping well is the most important pillar for your health, good appearance, performance and almost never getting sick. Very often, poor quality sleep is result of electromagnetic pollution coming from antennas outside home. The toxic energies produced affect your sleep, health, deteriorate your body and unbalance your mind and spirit but they can be cleansed with an orgone generator. For more information feel free to contact me on Telegram, @Pranachy.




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