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Power Booster

Power Booster


This is a disk that doubles the orgone energy released by any generator or water optimizer. It has two functions, it boosts the life energy pulsed and it is a transfer disc that you can use to teleport the energy of the device towards you even if you are miles away from your generator or in another country.


They are easy to use, the square piece is connected to the output pipe of the generator and the vital energy reaches the other piece immediately in any part of the world where it is. With this small disc, you can take with you a vital energy field wherever you go in the world.


In the case of the water optimizer, just place the disc on the pad and the energy will reach the second pair. You can place the disc close to the water you drink in the street to saturated it with life energy and activate a molecular movement that increases its benefits.


What is called living water, which is the state that water has on nature. As a result, the drink is more beneficial and the taste is improved, and the toxic energies that water memorized from the environment are diluted.


This disk triples the life force of small devices such as the orgone generator model JU99 or the classic water optimizer and doubles the life force of more powerful models. It is safe for children, but it is not a toy.

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