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Plasma Pen for Freckle, Warts, and moles Removal
  • Plasma Pen for Freckles, Warts, and moles Removal


    This pen is your go-to solution for getting rid of unwanted skin issues like freckles, black dots, papillomas, warts, pimples, or small tattoos.


    The needle with light and LCD screen makes it super easy to use, ensuring a user-friendly experience. It can be used by oneself by burning the area and forcing the body to repair it with new, radiant skin. In a matter of weeks the skin heals and the scar disappears.


    It's powered through a USB port, so charging is a breeze with mobile phone adapters, computer USB sockets, or power banks.


    With nine levels of adjustable scanning spot power output targeting different spots and moles, it's practical, reliable, and versatile. This beauty pen is compact, lightweight, and portable, making it perfect for business trips or travel.


    10- Day Delivery



    Material:ABS+copper needle

    Color: white



    Packing size:19*8.1*3cm


    Packing List:

    1-BeautyMole Removal Pen

    1-USB Power Supply Line

    5-Replace Needles

    1-User Manual

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