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Fast Growth Hair Treatment
  • Fast Growth Hair Treatment


    Accelerate your hair growth journey with this Treatment made from only natural ingredients. Witness the remarkable results from this potent combination that accelerates hair growth, effectively prevents baldness, and promotes a healthy scalp.


    Experience the transformative power of this complete hair care regimen, infused with rich nutrition to treat your hair from root to tip.


    Our specially formulated oil and spray work synergistically to prevent hair loss, while our thicken hair shampoo and serum provide deep nourishment and strengthen the nutrition of your hair root.


    A comprehensive strategy is essential when dealing with hair loss, and PURC treatment is tailored to address various aspects. It not only promotes hair growth but also ensures comprehensive maintenance of hair follicles and offers superficial care for the scalp.


    Experience vegan-friendly, top-quality ingredients for optimal hair care results with a powerful blend of botanical extracts including Ginger, Ginseng, Fleeceflower Root, Grape seed and Rosemary oil.


    Don't wait any longer in achieving the gorgeous hair you desire. This must-have product is exclusively available with standard delivery, ensuring its arrival within approximately 2-3 weeks. Take the first step towards revitalizing your hair and unlocking its true potential.



    1 Thicken hair shampoo 100ml

    2 Hair Growth Serum 50ml

    1 Hair Growth Spray 30ml

    2 Hair Growth Essence Oil 20ml


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