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Chin Reducer Lifting Device
  • Chin Reducer Lifting Device


    Medical beauty-grade TENS micro-current EMS stimulates the production of ATR, stimulates the human subcutaneous tissue, improves facial muscle fiber elasticity, activates collagen activity, and tightens the skin.


    LED Photon Therapy Face Slimming Vibration Massager with 6 modes - compact contour, V face shaping, low-frequency magnetic therapy, sterilization and swelling, cleansing acne, and photon rejuvenation. All modes except cleansing acne mode are designed with vibration function to help better lift and shape your face. 


    It can be used with a remote controller to effortlessly adjusts the 6 strengths and emit red light or blue light.


    Red light is for skin repair, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, and promote blood circulation.


    Blue light is used to clean, sterilize and rejuvenate the skin, protect the skin, strengthen absorption, repair of the skin, whiten blemishes, and shrink pores.


    1-Lifting Belt
    2-Electrode Pads
    1-Remote Controller
    1-Charging Cord
    1-User Manual

    4-13 Days Delivery



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