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Why Do We Get Sick? The Unique 7 Reasons Behind Human Illness

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

There are 7 underlying reasons behind human illness, and none of them can be attributed to genetics or pathogens. Your body possesses the remarkable ability to combat even the most advanced pathogen produced in laboratories. Oftentimes, I find myself in the company of health professionals working tirelessly for companies that invest millions of dollars and significant human resources in developing technologies and products to address health conditions that could be prevented if society were aware of the insights shared in this article.

This information is also relevant to individuals struggling with obesity, mental disorders, acne, insomnia, chronic pain and to anyone interested in the concept of reversing the aging process. These insights have been distilled from my extensive experience of writing more than a hundred articles on this blog, all aimed at helping people heal and prevent illnesses.

It is important to highlight that less than 5% of diseases can be attributed to genetic factors. Previously, it was believed that genes were the problem until it was discovered that lifestyle, environment, and diet influence the activity of genes. Even those diseases due to genetic malfunction inherited from the parents are result of their lifestyle, typically due to exposure to environmental pollution or malnutrition, the lack of important nutrients. For those who aspire having a baby soon, it is essential to pay close attention to the following information.

Bringing a malformed child into the world is something distressing for both the family and the child, and the following information might help avoid this. Often, doctors want to cure diseases using very harmful remedies that shorten healthspan or by removing parts of the body, like the gallbladder, to solve issues that can be addressed by correcting the diet. The next part explains the root causes of any disease so you know how to avoid them.

Why Do We Get Sick ?

Why Do We Get Sick ?

There is only one reason people get ill, and it is ignorance. In schools, including medical colleges, students learn very superficial information that does not help them in life. That is why many people are poor and many others are sick suffering from horrible diseases. The knowledge transmitted is quite superficial, it does not provide significant life benefits.

As it is, the lack of financial education the result of poverty. It is the lack of health education the cause of disease, but not only that, many people could look much more beautiful and feel happier if they were well-educated in health and this is the purpose of this blog and my next book because a lot of suffering can be avoided by knowing the information that I am sharing.

After writing extensive articles about natural cures and age reversal, I realized that I was giving the same advice over and over again. It circled back to the same core principles for both healing and bodily deterioration. These are 7 factors that stand as the foremost causes of ailments, including the condition of an elderly unable to walk on their own and fully enjoy life. Aging should not impede one's ability to savor life independently, with all the faculties intact. Being aware of these causes empowers you to live a life with minimal illness.

I see many people suffering from conditions such as hair loss, acne, insomnia, depression, obesity, and other conditions simply by ignoring these factors. Hormones are very sensitive, and hormonal imbalances can lead to serious conditions like obesity, cancer, or hair loss. Many people assume that being overweight is solely due to diet, but it is a result of hormonal imbalance, as I explain in this article, and almost no one is talking about it. By following the advice below, a person is able to achieve an amazing body, health, and appearance as well.

Why Do We Get Sick ?

7 Root Causes of Illness in Humans

Pollution is one of the three main reasons why people get ill, and why women give birth to deformed babies or with mental conditions. Additionally, malnutrition is the second main factor for malformations and the second primary reason why people get sick. Most people eat anything just to stop hunger, and they do not provide the body with the tools needed for its functions. Your immune system needs weapons that are provided through eating.

But even if you have the most powerful immune system, if you are stressed, there is a signal in the body that paralyzes the immune system until the stress is gone.

Stress is the third main reason why people get ill. It is your immune system that removes all invaders, infected cells, and cleans up abnormal cells, which proliferation is the cause cancer. So, because of your diet full of sugars or toxins like GMO stuff, you can promote cell malformation. If you are under stress, your immune system will not act even if it's the best one and these cells accumulate. And if you are consuming some medication that promotes estrogens, the cancer will grow very fast and spread to other areas. This is just an example.

The most common ailments like Arthritis, cancer, obesity, depression, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, to mention some, are mainly caused by the diet, pollution, and stress, what includes negative emotions, normally resulting from a lack of deep delta sleep or a dark spirit. These are the other two of the seven reasons why people get ill. The spirit is a very interesting topic that most people interconnect with religion or philosophy by ignoring that the spirit is just the non invisible area of the body which is important to maintain healthy as well.

The other two reasons are a lack of movement and a lack of fasting, the body maintenance, something that more and more people are starting to include in their lifestyle, especially those who are working on reversing their biological age. This state is achieved when there is no insulin released by the pancreas for hours, which activates very important body functions for cleaning, repairing, and rejuvenating. Fasting, is the only scientifically proven method to prolong your life considerably and the most efficient natural healing and it's even free.

If you eat frequently you don't give your body time to clean, repair and remodel. Function activated only when the pancreas does not release insulin for hours. As a consequence, the body deteriorates and this causes malfunctions in certain areas and illness result of lack of maintenance. In ancient times people went a long time without food, animals do it. Fasting is important and feeling hungry frequently all the time is result of a low nutritious diet. But I'm not just talking about fast food, cooking some foods greatly reduces their nutrients.

Strategies for a Life Free from Illness

So the seven main causes of illness are malnutrition, pollution, stress, lack of quality sleep, lack of movement, an unhealthy spirit, and avoiding the repairing process of the body by eating frequently every day. Stay without food for long term is extremely beneficial for health, beauty and reverse aging. People who get hungry so often normally do not provide their bodies with enough nutrients, and the deficiency is what makes the body ask for food.

The body does not ask for comestibles but for nutrients. When they are not provided by eating, the body will immediately signal the need for them after digestion because they are important and necessary. Nutrients are the tools used for all of its functions. The lack of them causes malfunction and disease, or the immune system has no weapons to defend itself, leaving it vulnerable to pathogens or the proliferation of abnormal cells.

A good supplement with natural vitamins and minerals will always help because even if you are eating healthy nowadays fruits, vegetables and animal food products contain less nutrients than in the past. On the other hand, a lot of people have an unhealthy microbiome by consuming medication or to much certain foods what produces malabsorption, which is a state where the body does not assimilate nutrients even if they are introduced.

People who have already depleted a significant portion of their gut bacteria due to the consumption of chemical health products and too much ultra-processed foods may experience a range of issues like insomnia, anxiety, irritability, and depression, in addition to the potential development of serious diseases. Furthermore, increased hunger may become noticeable because these bacteria play a vital role in absorbing essential nutrients.

Consequently, pollution emerges as the second leading cause of disease. Many substances that people introduce into their bodies can be considered contaminants like some medicines. Often interfering the proper function of body. So it is better to use natural remedies mostly and to choose alternative healing methods for treatment and diagnosis, like Bioresonance, acupuncture, shiatsu, natural supplementation, Reiki or essential oils, to name a few.

Also, avoiding processed products. All those in plastic packages that contaminate the planet significantly. It is important to consume organic products, including fish or meat. They are not only contaminated but also less nutritious. Fish are very nutritious only because they feed on algae, while farmed fish are not because they are fed GMO corn. But for anti-aging, the best approach is to maintain a raw vegetarian diet or even go raw vegan if possible. Things like sugar, white bread, and whole grains steal body nutrients, and keeping distance of them can be super strategic. Excessive processed sugar consumption causes Cancer and wrinkles.

A nutritious diet is important, and today, the meat available has just a few nutrients because people are feeding the animals with toxic corn. Even farm fish an animal that does not eat corn or soy. Today many products in the supermarket, contain corn syrup with a lot of toxins that cause disease. The cooking process is important as well; vegetables that are cooked do not retain the most beneficial nutrients anymore, even if they are only steamed. The same goes for meat that is grilled and overcooked. It does not contain enough proteins anymore.

In my free ebook, I am sharing strategic knowledge that everyone should learn in school to maintain the body with the best tools for its proper function and to keep it capable of fighting any pathogen. I am providing tips to keep your body protected from pollution and revealing secrets that only holistic experts know, which are important in daily life to stay in shape. This not only helps avoid premature aging, chronic diseases, and unexpected death but also prevents malformations in your babies and enhances your appearance. I see many bald and obese people, and these conditions result from hormonal imbalances can be easily avoided.

Strategies for Safeguarding Your Health

How to Almost Never Get Sick ?

To almost never get sick, you need to provide your body with enough nutrients and maintain your gut with abundant healthy bacteria by avoiding toxic products such as ultra-processed foods and chemical medications. Also, eating raw fruits and vegetables is important for the proliferation of these friends because it is what they eat. Drinking living structured water also maintains your healthy bacteria with vitality and keeps all your cells in optimal conditions.

This is the state that water has in nature when it is moving and saturated with life force energy, which can be created by keeping a crystal jar with water close to an orgone generator or water optimizer. This is the type of water everyone should drink in the world because it is healthier and hydrates much more, activating better cell functions. And remember something: your body is composed of trillions of cells everywhere.

Nutrition is important because nutrients are tools your body uses to operate properly. Imagine a company without computers or software. For example, one of the best nutrients for cleaning arteries, clots, and avoiding allergies are proteolytic enzymes, which are like super technology that, once introduced, go to the area where there are clots or inflammation dissolving them. It also cleans your veins and artery walls, helping people avoid strokes and heart attacks, very lethal conditions often killing people suddenly.

Nowadays, it's unbelievable how polluted the environment that surrounds us is: the air, the soil, the energy, the water, and most health and food products. I was suffering a lot due to electromagnetic pollution in my bedroom, a topic most people ignore because they also overlook that the biggest part of our bodies is invisible and very vulnerable to the energies that surround us. Also, the body operates with electricity and magnetic fields.

It is strategic for health and almost never get ill to constantly detox your body and introduce plants, air purifiers, and orgone generators at home to maintain a healthy environment.

Strategies for Safeguarding Your Health

Reducing stress is very important as well. A good way to avoid it is by distancing yourself from negativity, such as mainstream news, certain movies, or people. Even good people could be toxic for someone; keep this in mind. Everyone feels great only by sharing moments with common people. Sleeping soundly is essential to avoid stress, illness, and to be able to spend a lot of time without food, which is also very strategic for almost never getting ill.

Some of the huge mistakes people make when fasting are practicing it while they eat very often low-nutritious foods. Even broccoli is low in nutrients if it is cooked. Another mistake people make during fasting is programming it. The best way to fast is to simply avoid eating as much as possible when it is possible without suffering what is possible if you eat a very nutritious diet with a lot of healthy fats like coconut oil, raw olive oil and avocados.

There are some days when I can just stay without food the whole day, and I am not hungry or days when I am very hungry early in the morning, and those are mostly when I do not sleep enough. Something that allows you to spend long hours and days without eating is sleeping for longer, taking in the sun, and meditating. And of course, taking supplements like Curcumin, EGCG, Quercetin, or Resveratrol during the fast to enhance results and benefits.

And the best way to keep a healthy spirit is by practicing aerobic exercise or breathing exercises and meditation. I highly recommend practicing Dr. Joe Dispenza's formula to maintain the spirit huge, golden, which going to improve all aspects of your life. Other good practices that will boost your health, your body, and improve your physical appearance are taking cold showers, infrared light therapy, and spending 15-20 minutes in a traditional sauna at 70-90 degrees Celsius, as described in detail in this article I wrote.

I trust that this article has opened your mind and empowered you in some way. It serves as a mere glimpse of the insights I'll be sharing in my upcoming book, slated for release in 2024. Within its pages, I will provide invaluable advice on how to reverse your biological age by approximately a decade, all through a lifestyle that can nearly eliminate the risk of falling ill.

If you find this information significant, I kindly ask for your assistance in sharing this article and subscribing to my newsletter. This way, you'll stay informed with timely notifications. Before you depart, I invite you to consider joining my coaching services if you're in your 30s or 40s and are determined to become the very best version of yourself.




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