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The best advice if you are planning to have a baby

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

A secret that no one is talking about is revealed in the next article, I am not exaggerating it is below very important information that will guarantee the health of your child If you are planning to have one or two someday. It is strategic to procreate them with purpose and not during a random night of fun. In this way will be born completely and healthy but also smart, energetic, and happy. Sounds amazing ?

I divided the article into 3 chapters, the first one talks about Libido because the secret of having a healthy baby is influenced by what causes the Libido. In the second chapter I will describe the recipe for make a healthy and smart baby and I will recommend some good habits in the third chapter, those are really important because there are things that will simply stop you from having a child like pesticides that increases the risk of miscarrying, the advice on this chapter will help to stay healthy, young and beautiful as well.


1 – About the Libido

2 – How to have a healthy child and how to bring an old soul

3- The best habits to have before we make a baby

What causes the libido ?

The Libido is generated by the Life Force, this energy with intelligence is not only able to direct the healing in the organism but also is responsible for maintaining life on the planet, it is the energy of life. Wilhelm Reich the best disciple of Sigmund Freud is the person who has shown more scientific evidence to the world of this energy that has been known in Asia since immemorial times, in China do not heal, they balance the flow of this energy and when they achieve it, the body is healed by its self because this energy has its own intelligence. Dr. Joe Dispenza managed to heal himself of a fracture that would keep him in a wheelchair all his life using this energy, but he commanded it with his imagination. He imagined how each of his bones was built and that is exactly how the life force can be directed. This energy can be directed by the mind of the person or by the Universal Mind.

The term energy with intelligence is nothing new for a person who knows about the Kundalini energy, which is a type of intelligent energy. A person who awakens the Kundalini also increases Libido because it increases the flow of Life Force within the body and it is that energy that causes Libido. Because most of the life force accumulates in the semen, the libido also increases with the accumulation of this fluid inside the body. The Kabbalists know about it and they recommend to avoid to ejaculate often to avoid waste the Light inside the spirit, which is dangerous because the spirit becomes dark. A person with a dark spirit is in a low dimension where the chaos and problems exist because they are an external reflection of the inner darkness. This is a type of science every man can prove with their own life experience; there is a great spiritual guide talking about this subject called the most powerful meditation, I love this e-book.

I will explain this because it is really important to maintain a great experience in life, I had many problems in the past until my teacher of Kabbalah talked about that. When a person has enough life force, the vibration of the person is higher because this energy become part of the spirit and the whole body is more light than physical matter. Albert Einstein said that everything is energy, there is no matter, what we call matter is simply energy in a low vibration but I will describe the life force as energy to be easy to understand. Because we accumulate vital force every day the spirit is expanding, when our spirit is bigger than the physical body, we vibrate at a high frequency until we letting go that energy by releasing the semen, where most of the vital energy is. Then our vibration goes lower, than means we going to be more physical body than spirit until we accumulate enough vital energy again but even if we attract this energy every second is only after 2 or 3 days that is accumulated enough to escape of the frequency of the chaos.

I have tried everything to accumulate a lot of energy a day after an orgasm to increase my vibration and escape from the chaos but I did not succeed at least 3 days were necessary to me to recover the colors of my spirit. It is the time that my body takes to secrete enough semen that is the container of light according to the kabbalistic teachings. This is not philosophy, this happens to everyone equally, I have proven it with my own life experience over and over again. It is like the seasons of the year, it is simply impossible for certain plants to flourish in the winter. This is a strategic knowledge because in a low vibration is where there are many problems and our potential is drastically reduced. Many people spend their life in a low frequency because the short cut of the light is not done only by the waste of semen but also with impure habits and thoughts. An example of an impure act practiced by most people is defamation, many people talk about people they do not know based on a very superficial source of information from the media. This creates a lot of damage in people, this practice stops their evolutionary rhythm.

About my experience into the chaos

Once I sent to print flyers and twice the company printed them wrong. The file was perfect and they printed the flyers upside down, I am talking of 2000 flyers that went to the trash, 2 packages that were sent from London to Berlin, time and money wasted for the company and a delay of more than 30 days for me. There was no reason why they would give me the flyers like that because my file was fine, even they did not understand what was happening, but deep inside I knew that I was the one who was causing this because I was losing my life force frequently and I was reflecting a delay around me. In a low vibration, you reflect a delay because reality is a mirror, so things happen slowly is why having the flyers ready took me two months instead of 15 days. Whatever the reason, was not so important as what I was projecting around me that was a great delay in my goals, everything was developing slowly. I lost a lot of time going to pick up the brochures 3 times, I even thought it was some weird joke. But no, when you have a spiritual ascension due to meditation the nature of the laws of the Universe is clearly revealed in front of your eyes. This is happening to all the people but since they do not meditate one hour each day like me, they can not perceive it, it manifests itself very subtle and not very obvious as to me. And also neither religions nor science are talking about this, so there is no point of reference for people, therefore, they live a very basic life leaving aside that enormous potential they have to bring heaven on Earth.

I have thousands of examples like that one, another time I arrived in my favorite cafe Cuccuma and the coffee machine did not work, I asked for something else instead of the large Cappuccino that I always order and only when I was leaving the place the machine was already repaired. Also, an Itunes card that I bought never worked and no one was able to help, I connected the card to an email account and did not work and later to another email account and did not work and the card was connected to both accounts, was an unusual situation. On this state the chaos is around, after having an orgasm next day I saw a person who was run over, another day someone had a tire deflated on his bike and he fell a few meters away from me, this is evident when you observe it, people live most of their lives in this low vibration is why they can not see the difference. It is normal this chaos for them. Because I meditate I can go higher and when I go lower I can see the opposites, it is like traveling between heaven and hell. When you have enough life force everything flows great in your life.

The reality is very interesting and you always influence what happens in the story of your life not only because of the law of attraction but because around is just a reflection of you. When I have friends with a low frequency, they distance themselves when I reach a high frequency and many stop talking to me, but it is because around is just a reflection of who you are.

If you observe this in your life you could discover how important is to keep large amounts of Life Force in the body not only to maintain health, beauty, youth and high performance, because it also determines how your moments will develop. The life force activate more areas of the brain that need more energy to be operable, having enough of this energy increases the mental performance and when you wasted often your vital energy the brain operates with low potential. I proved this also with my own experience, I will talk about it next.

Once my friend from Montreal visited me. I wanted to show a new club that I discovered weeks ago and we went to the place following a path that according to me was the right one. We were walking around 20 minutes without success until we observed on the internet that we were quite far and walking in the opposite direction. I was shocked by how lost I was and I could not believe it because I was 100% sure that we were moving in the right direction. Then, I discovered how the potential is reduced in some way when the vital force is wasted the previous day with an orgasm. This is very evident if you practice meditation and compare the days with a lot of energy with the days when the energy is wasted. Nowadays, I can avoid orgasms, it took me years to dominate it and everything is improved in life, goals are manifested quickly, I look much better, I feel more energy, my intellect is higher and my sexual relations are more than perfect, they are very intense.

When semen accumulates, libido increases, but also people with a low flow of life force inside the body may have a low libido, even if they accumulate enough semen. In the third chapter, I am describing habits that will make you have a strong flow of life force in the body to enjoy great benefits. When the vital energy is accumulated in the couple is the best moment to procreate, since that energy will be given to the baby.

How to make a healthy and smart child ?

The following is the best advice to have a healthy and intelligent child but I will tell you the Kabbalistic recipe to bring wise old souls to this planet. Most of the time from 2 brothers one is an old soul and the other a young soul, is how they balanced. I have noticed it in my family and in other families. There are not bad or good people, this is a very superficial concept without wisdom, there are only young and old souls, an old soul is wise, peaceful, they love to explore the world, they are brave. If the world is populated by old souls could be a better place, because they have compassion, they love peace and they know the enormous benefit of cooperation.

To have a healthy child you need to accumulate the Life force in your body with the healthy habits described in the next chapter but also by avoiding one orgasm for 30 days or 2 weeks before creating the child. The time depends on your age and health conditions. If you eat raw food, you meditate, you spend most of your time in healthy environments and you exercise every day but you had an orgasm a day before you made your baby, you going to transmit to the baby just a little bit of life force. Because it is accumulated in the fluids and they were wasted a day before. It is the Life force transmitted to the baby what guarantee the health and high intellect. About this, almost no one is talking about but this is why most of the vital energy is accumulated in the semen.

If you already decided to have a baby, the best is to create it each 2 weeks or each month and avoiding the ejaculation during the sexual acts from other days. This is very strategic to guarantee the complete health of the baby up to 95%. Most of the problems from the children are by the low vital energy transmitted by the parents, even a person in the 40s and 50s can have a very healthy child without problem if they keep higher their levels of life force. A child who received little life force from the parents has a low coefficient, the energy levels are low too, life in general, is more difficult for them. But not only that also the baby could be born incomplete, or with health problems for lack of vital energy transmitted by the parents. Children with learning problems, with a low energy can greatly improve their lives if they meditate, exercise and eat fruits, vegetables and leaves. It seems cliche but by eating these aliments you are introducing large amounts of life force that activates a higher performance.

During the sexual relation, a lot of Life force is generated and accumulated in the couple. So, it is better to do it for more time, it is transmitted to the baby more life force if the sexual act lasts an hour than only 15 minutes. The life force is stored from the surroundings by breathing, by eating, by doing aerobic exercise, by meditating and so on. But also during the sex is created and accumulated a lot of vital energy. For having a healthy child you must accumulate life force in the fluids for weeks and the sexual relationship should last long before the orgasm. The vital energy created during the sex is generated to give it to the new being. Some people use the vital energy generated during a sexual act for manifesting goals, they cultivate that energy for that purpose.

Is not only avoiding orgasms recommend it, but you also need to have some strategic habits that I will describe in the next chapter.

How to bring old souls to this planet ?

Old souls are usually beings with a very high vibration that can not inhabit bodies with low vibration, if you make your baby with a bit of vital force you going to build a weak body where such a big soul does not fit, this is not science fiction, it is simply impossible to introduce a liter of water in a small glass, right ?

The spirit of a person is always expanding, a soul that has lived more lives has a bigger size, if you are not sure about reincarnation, think about something. Everything in the Universe is cyclic, the day and the night, the seasons, even the thoughts are cyclical, is the same with birth and death. Well, there are souls with bigger size than others as they are bigger trees than others or taller children than others. Old souls are not only bigger, but they are also very happy, energetic with a sweetheart. The compassion is natural to them and no one can influence them or cheating them. The next is a Kabbalistic method to bring to this reality an old soul, my master Albert Gozlan said that this process was related by the Archangel Raphael.

On Fridays arrives very important energies, every day arrives different energies from the cosmos that influences the mind. Friday is the day of love, the influence is Venus and is the day were the Sabbath starts when the sun goes down. The 3d commandment of GOD is Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day, this is some of the commandments that almost nobody meets. Well, on this sacred day at night is when the kabbalist recommends having a sexual relationship to be able to bring old souls to this planet. The most powerful meditation is made during sex because we are a complete vessel when we are inside our partner, so it is possible to store much more energy by avoiding ejaculation if you do not want to have a baby. With this energy, you can manifest your goals faster or your cells can use it to maintain the body young also the intellect and compassion are developed because our vibration gets higher. So, the way to bring old souls in this planet is by storing enough vital energy with healthy habits, avoiding orgasms often, having a long sexual during Fridays at night, if you do a meditation before is much higher the vibration you achieve.

The Kabbalistic meditation

If you want to go deeper you can do the kabbalistic meditations with the names of God, the process is described in this video. Is not important to know about Kabbalah as meditating with the names of God, even if you study Kabbalah for 50 years but you never meditate you wasted all that time. It's like wanting to learn to play soccer by reading books for 30 years without never touch a ball. On the contrary you can meditate the names and never read Kabbalah and you will have spiritual elevation. These meditations are not performed when the woman is in her menstruation for safety. They amplify the mind and can generate events where blood is in the middle.

On each meditation you going to use the name of God that suits you, these are just codes and not the name of God, for example, everything in the Universe is formed by the 5 elements and people use the name of GOD YHVH to manifest a goal but is not how God is called, each letter is an element and using them is how you create an event with fire, air, earth and water. I found this website with information about each name, I invite you to see it. If you click on each code the image will be enlarged. It is important to add an intention to the meditation of each name, you must know also the effect that each name has. There are no results if you ignore the purpose of the code and if you do not add an intention. I would like to describe a great experience I lived a day after I meditate the name of abundance and threw the energy on the planet. I went a random part of the city with a friend, and suddenly we saw people with hamburgers. Then we realized that there was a hamburger stand giving hamburgers for free to all people one tasty hamburger per person without asking anything in exchange even a like on social media. I chose the vegetarian one, was delicious. This was proof that meditation worked. You must send the energy of each name to the planet, this energy should not remain in you but during a sexual relationship this could be hard because with the hands the energy is sent but also with the imagination. If the energy is distributed by you to more people, more blessing you will receive is why the best is to distributed to all the people on the planet ;)

Kabbalah is a science, if you practice it you can be a witness of apparent miracles, but later you will understand that they are just universal laws known for the few people who have achieved a higher state of consciousness. Some people has born in this state others should increase their vibration with the Kabbalistic meditations but the humans are very powerful.

The best habits to have a healthy baby

Having a strong flow of vital energy guarantee a good health, high intellect and clarity is why is important to maintain the right energy flow by the next habits. Most of them are very simple as sleeping for 8 hours, breath deeply and clean air or drinking living water, water in its natural state. Also, is important to consume the right products because most of them generate energy waste because the ingredients they contain. I am very sensible and I can know when a product is good or not. For example, I love chips but after eat some famous brands of chips I feel a negative sensation that I never feel when I ate handmade chips. So, I stopped to consume them. All those products are only tasty because they use chemicals that make the brain have pleasant sensations, also many sodas use a lot of sugar, that is very addictive. Those companies create money by releasing an addictive product for creating consumers. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine for rats, avoid products with a lot of sugar like sweets and sodas is important because they not only make the cells waste their time and vital energy by releasing the toxins introduced in the organism but also they generates a kind of dependence or even addiction. The nutrition is really important as well the habits suggested next to achieve a higher state and a super powerful health for your success. In this state it is advisable to have a child.

Sleeping is more important than people imagine

The brain is like a battery that needs to be rechargeable with sleep to be operating completely. First is charged the reptilian brain, after the mammal and the last one is the cerebral cortex, the most important part. Where the good ideas, the right words and intelligent solutions come from. Is why is strategic a good sleep for a great mental performance and excellent feeling. With bad sleep we can take bad decisions, wrong paths and waste a lot of energy by doing things that we really do not want to do. Also, if you need a high performance the best is a good sleep. Some people discovered that our brain works better early, around 5 am so it is the best sleep early and wake up early and not sleep late and wake up early. Waking up early without enough sleep is even counterproductive. I wrote that sleep is more important than people imagine because we influence our reality with our thoughts and the decisions we make, if the reptilian brain is working a lot, our thoughts are based on fear and could be very negative and instinctive.

A relaxed life will keep you healthy for ever

The stress weakens the immune system and causes the cells to stop being born, generating 90% of the diseases in society and aging. Most people who lose their hair is to live in stress or have a low flow of life force. To avoid losing your hair follow the tips in this chapter, as well as will help to maintain the beauty, the youth and a higher potential to manifest with speed your goals.

Breathing deep and slow will empower you

The principal source of life force we obtain by the breathing. The breath should be deep and slow. My breath pattern is very deep otherwise I feel that asphyxiated me, but I remember that before was not like this. There are techniques people use as imagining that we inhale white light and exhale dirty light. But the best way to introduce a lot of life force in our bodies is by breathing fast, and we achieve it when we do an aerobic exercise, is why it is strategic, as well as having a lot of plants inside the bedroom because they clean the air and produce oxygen. There is nothing more important than the air, so smoking cigarettes is some of the worst addictions than a person could have, they generate a lot of energy waste, money waste, reduce the performance of the whole body and contaminate the planet.

Aerobic Exercise will generate a strong flow of life force

Aerobic exercise forces us to breathe fast, that is the best way to introduce really a lot of life force. Aerobic exercise is important and the best is to practice it in nature. Most of the Gyms I know they have compact fluorescent lights so you are introducing a lot of contaminated vital energy that is quite dangerous. Those bulbs generate fields that stagnate this energy. By breathing we introduce life force right ? But if the environment is contaminated by compact fluorescent lights, WI-Fi, and electronics you going to introduce Ja-Ki in the body and it is quite dangerous. The Ja-Ki is contaminated vital force that can be stored in the organism reducing the flow of energy. In most serious cases of Illness, Meikan Okudaira discovered that Ja-Ki was the real cause of the disease. A lot of doctors find Cancer for example, and they ignore the real reason, what generates that situation in the organism. This is happening because they ignore the Life Force. Even me that I am researching about it since 8 years ago I did not know about the Ja-Ki until a few just months ago that I found this book that a friend of mine showed me.

That book is for training Shiatsu healers and no every Shiatsu healer knows about the Ja-Ki. The Ja-ki is generated by the Electrosmog and by negative emotions. The brain does not distinguish what is real and what is not. So watching stressful movies with violence could generate Ja-ki and I do not recommend that kind of content for pregnant women.

Create a healthy environments at home and working area is strategic

The environment is very important, some areas of home could be infested of Electromagnetic pollution because artificial fields accumulate only there, this is the situation of my apartment. If you already have a child I recommend to create a healthy environment in the room, by placing plants, removing electronics, and putting a life force generator there. Dead orgone energy could be accumulated in large amounts only in the children´s room. This happened to me unfortunately and took me 2 years to discover it. I was having migraines often and insomnia almost every day. By having those elements the atmosphere going to be healthy with a constant flow of clean vital energy that will empower the health of the baby and will generate a wonderful ambience.

Because people ignore the Vital energy there are many contaminated places were people is working for hours and they are not only offices with a lot of computers, also, supermarkets or shops with a lot of compact fluorescent lights. Spending long periods there is harmful because the vitality is reduced during that time and cells are tired by lack of a continuous flow of vital energy. Museums without plants are also places were the vital energy is reduced, is why is not easy to walk for hours inside of those places while walking on nature is even enjoyable. Another place with pollution inside is the subway and subways stations with those compact fluorescent lights everywhere. Been on those places for long periods weakens the body and later any health problem could arise, the vitality on the cells is something important to take care of. Imagine that you are the owner of a company where all the employees are very tired most of the time, something similar happens inside an organism with a low flow of vital force.

Going to shopping could be something fun but tiring because the malls without plants have an environment with a low flow of vital energy. People working on those areas can have a field of vital energy around them if the bring a transfer disk where the life force from a generator arrives. Some gyms has a polluted atmosphere with many compact fluorescent lights. A friend runs in electric treadmills inside a gym even if there is a wonderful area with trees near to her home. Some radiation is generated by those machines, it is best to do aerobic exercise in parks, in the forest or outdoors. If you think that the air of the city is contaminated, let me tell you that the same air going to be inside the gym if the place has not plants plus electromagnetic pollution. Outdoors the vital energy is clean because the natural pulse of the planet maintain clean its structure, while inside the gym the energy is dirty because the compact fluorescent lights are continuously generating artificial fields. While you do exercise the body is supplied by large amounts of vital energy so is important doing it in an environment with clean vital energy.

It is possible to clean any place like a supermarket, gym or an office by placing plants and a life force generator there. If you observe compact fluorescent lights in the gym where you are working out, I recommend you to bring a transfer disk connected to a life force generator. At home is possible to create a wonderful healthy environment with life Force generators and plants. My apartment is completely infested of Electrosmog and dirty electricity and I modify the atmosphere with success by using them, I introduce 5 plants and a generator but also the air should be cleaned every day by opening the window, the Electrosmog is still there, in some rooms the pollution accumulates and could be the bedroom of your kids or the kitchen. The PCF and The Performer 2400 are quite awesome models because you can choose the frequency of the pulse of the vital force and the best frequencies to maintain a splendid environment are the next:

174hz - 285 hz - 396 hz - 417 hz - 432 hz - 528 hz - 639 hz - 741 hz - 852 hz - 963 hz

Your success depends more on what you eat and drink than on the economic situation

Fruits, herbs, and vegetables increase the human performance, maintain youth, prevent diseases and Epigenetics already showing us proofs that food influences the gene expression, so be aware to avoid GMO food and try to eat organic food. The Epigenetics is the study of changes in organisms caused by the modification of gene expression, the environment is translated by the cell and the environment´s information is used to select and activate the gens. The micro RNA molecules on the food we eat are picked up from our digestion system and are transferred to our cells and those started to regulated our gens in our DNA. We alter our own genetic read out by the food we eat.

What you eat you become has already scientific foundation !

Organic food is the only food people should eat, so let´s talk about fruits, and vegetables, When they receive more light of the sun and more vital energy from the environment we consume from them more life force and help us to maintain a strong flow of vital force in the body. Leaves are literally the light of the sun transformed to matter. Eating the sun every day will empower you, every person should eat the sun daily to keep healthy, youth and beauty. The sun has a powerful effect on our spirit, that's why we feel very well if the day is sunny. When a person practices meditation the spirit is always bright, a great feeling is always. Pesticides in food increase the chances of miscarriage, the following research on the subject I found ...

A study published in 2017, in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) suggests that pesticide residues in food may account for a large proportion of the roughly 100,000 unsuccessful pregnancy attempts in fertility clinics across North America. Genetically modified (GM) herbicide-tolerant crops are grown with large amounts of herbicides, a class of pesticide. For this reason, GM foods should be avoided by women who want to conceive. I have taken this information from this article that I recommend reading.

Please be aware that: "Most developed nations do not consider GMOs to be safe,"

"Genetically modified foods have been linked to toxic and allergic reactions, sickness, sterile and dead livestock, and damage to virtually every organ studied in lab animals," according to the Institute for Responsible Technology

Crops such as Bt cotton produce pesticides inside the plant. This kills or deters insects, saving the farmer from having to spray pesticides. The plants themselves are toxic, and not just to insects. Farmers in India, who let their sheep graze on Bt cotton plants after the harvest, saw thousands of sheep die! I have taken this information from this article that I recommend reading too.

The xenoestrogens found in pesticides enhance the risk of Cancer, So imagine how dangerous could be a plant which structure include pesticides inside ! To avoid miscarrying is recommend it to eat safe, consume only organic food.

About Xenostrogens

Because xenoestrogens are found in most of the products we consume daily, it is recommended to take diindolylmethane every day, it is found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and kale. Xenoestrogens are present in several substrates such as cigarette smoke, automobile exhaust, chemical industry pollutants, grilled meat, volcano dust, forest fire smoke, milk, water, plastics, and cosmetic products. This means that all human population may be exposed to them. On this article is an insight in how environmental exposure to xenoestrogens relates to breast, lung, kidney, brain, pancreas, and reproductive system cancers, which are all characterized by disturbances in ER.

Food prepared by microwaves ovens gets toxic also, it is quite funny that people know that is dangerous to be close in distance of a meter from a microwave oven when is on because is dangerous the radiation they produce but they never imagine that food prepared there is infested for that radiation and later you consume it. They not only destroy all the nutrients of the food but also infested it with Ja-ki. In this video is shown how radioactive are the microwave ovens as well as the fridges. Water stores Electrosmog, on this documentary is shown how the water can store frequencies, that means all food that contains water is storing electromagnetic pollution too. So, be aware that fridges generate electromagnetic pollution and the water stores those frequencies so the food there and beverages inside have some pollution is why is necessary a Water optimizer in the kitchen. Next to the water and fruits and vegetables.

The water attracts the life force and also the polluted life force called Ja-ki. The Ja-ki can be accumulated in the meridians where the vital force is distributed inside the physical body to all the cells of the body reducing the flow of the energy and the vitality and performance of the cells. A person with a lot of Ja-ki accumulated cannot feel the difference between a revitalizing place like the forest and a place with the depressing atmosphere generated by the Electrosmog. Most of the people feel great in nature because there is a strong flow of clean vital energy there, but some people can not feel it because they have a slow flow of vital energy due to the ja-ki accumulated in the meridians.

Ja-ki can be removed with shiatsu sessions but not all shiatsu healers know about the Ja-ki. Removing the Ja-ki is not an easy task that every healer can do and takes some sessions. The Ja-ki could be accumulated in the walls of the meridians where the vital energy is distributed in the body reducing the space where the energy moves and less flow arrives to the cells and they begging to be tired. A strong flow of vital energy is extremely important when the flow is slow any disease can appear. Any disease means any disease, our body is just a bunch of trillions of cells everywhere and they should be happy and energetic.

If you think you eat healthy because you consume fruits but they are frozen in packages, that those have much fewer life force. Even a green banana that ripens in the supermarket has 60% less life force than a banana that you cut from a palm before consuming it, the sun, the plant, and the environment loads the fruits with vital energy. You can load your fruits from the supermarket with life force if they stay close to the Water optimizer as well as beverages.

About the beverages

Teas are strategic also, the next are super herbs that activate the flow of vital energy in the body, if you are already pregnant please read about before taking them. But if you are planing a baby I recommend to take them.

Astragalus Root

One of the most important herbs in the world, Astragalus is the main herb in a wide range of tonic formulations. It is said to strengthen the "upright qi" which supports our posture and the position of the organs. Astragalus has been used for over 2000 years to strengthen the body as a whole. It has been recognized as a superb and potent immune system tonic by modern researchers. Astragalus has also been found to be a tonic to bone marrow. Astragalus is believed by the Oriental people to strengthen muscle and improve metabolic functions.


This herb is used to strengthen the yang energy, and is famous in China as a sexual tonic which was used by Chinese royalty and by qigong practitioners. Cistanche builds deep strength and is quite revitalizing when used continuously for a period of time. It promotes healthy colon functioning. It is an excellent antiaging herb.

Codonopsis Root

This superb qi tonic is used in much the same manner as ginseng, and is considered to be an excellent substitute for ginseng in any formulation calling for basic ginseng, but requiring a gentler effect. It is favored over ginseng when ginseng's energy may be too strong or too warm. It is said to restore energy, balance the metabolism and stimulate the production of blood. It is also traditionally used to clear the lungs of mucous and as a tonic of special value to nursing mothers. It is said to help the skin become elastic, smooth and radiant and is thus used in many tonic formulations designed to increase both beauty and vitality. It is an excellent tonic to the immune system.


The plant has been used in Chinese medicine to increase blood circulation to the pelvic area and uterus for centuries. It also works synergistically to strengthen the flow of Qi.


This plant has a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In fact, it is known locally as the "herb of immortality" Jiaogulan is also said to act as an adaptogen (a substance said to shield the body from the harmful effects of chronic stress), as well as enhance memory, improve sports performance, boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, preserve heart health, support detox, and promote weight loss.

Tea is the elixir of life". -Lao Tzu.

Beverages in plastic bottles generates waste instead of that I recommend to drink natural juices, teas, or coffee. Sodas generates energy waste and Juices for example give you life force and do not generate any waste, it is strategic to drink and eat what give you energy. The plastic contains xenoestrogens so I recommend to consume beverages in crystal bottles. Be aware that metal attracts Electrosmog so beverages and food in can are infested of Electrosmog, I highly recommend to clean them with a water optimizer before drink or eat them, you can use a transfer disk also.

Positive feelings bring to your life more good things, this is not cheap philosophy this is a law

Happiness and gratitude extend life, this scientifically proven, also a good diet, exercise and a purpose in life, in the following video Bruce Lipton tells us about it ...

The brain make you think negative by nature, only imagining the worst scenario we can escape from it if happens, this is an animal instinct important to remove because we are creating and affecting our reality by our thoughts and feelings. This is not cheap philosophy, a friend of mine that practice Buddhism thinks that is good the negative feeling because bla bla bla and I read a lot of articles with the same boring concept wrote by people that did not perceive yet how powerful we are. Only when you perceive it you starts to take extremely serious about what is in our mind, the words you speak(even if you're kidding) and how you feel. Feeling negative today is building a rock that will fall on the next days and this is a Universal law. This will happen for sure as an apple will fall from the tree to the floor. Is the reason why practicing gratitude is important. It is a way of planting wonderful seeds for the future. I am complete sure that there are a lot of things that are normal nowadays to you as the place you are living, our your car or lover but in the past you strongly wished to experience them. Feeling gratitude for those things will bring faster to you all the current desires.

The baby since the womb is recording information and some traumas could be derived due to negative emotions of the mother during that period. Negative feelings generate Ja-Ki as well as Electrosmog. Be aware that our brain does not distinguish what is real and what is not and when we see stressful content or movies where the characters are in survival state or there is chaos our body release toxins that cause harm to the body and the baby if a pregnant women watch them. This is not exaggerated, investigate about it, in fact, I recommend to everyone to avoid junk content with violence and stressful situations. This content fills the brain of these images and it is harmful to physical and mental health. Because society is creating the reality that content influences the history of the world. Is why there are some weird situations as airplanes that disappears without reason. The Kabbalah is secret because the Kabbalistic meditation amplify the mind and we are in a mental Universe, so the Kabbalah for those people who can not perceive that we are creating the reality is like a powerful weapon in the hands of a monkey.

For example, writing this article I was investigating about Monsanto and later in the afternoon I went to a bar where next to me was Bart Kuijper the Global Content Strategy Manager at Bayer Pharmaceuticals. This is how reality is influenced by our attention,most of the people perceive this process very slow and they do not see a complete panorama because they do not do meditation or kabbalistic meditations to be more precise. I asked him about his opinion of GMO food, he thinks that is safe and he told me...

There is a lot of scientific evidence that supports it, there is a lot of panic and fear from many people that read a lot of pseudo-scientific content in the media without a scientific basis.

He just talked with the CEO of Bayern who was not happy because there are some lawsuits against the company, later, I checked on-line and I found this new:

I will continue talking about the power of the attention because it is important, there are people working with the law of attraction that already discovered that we can create future events but they are still watching junk content with violence, stupid characters or stresful situations. With this action those people are projecting garbage and stupidity in the story of the planet. The same with the people watching conspiracy bullshit, It is not important to know what the parasites are doing to the society as what great people are doing to create a wonderful planet. A lot of conspiracy weakens and generates paranoia. Speeches of Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Abraham Hicks, Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Harv Eker or Sam Ovens empower the people, generate a great self-esteem and incite to the true action. All the information stored in your brain is used by your mind to create more of your reality. If people could perceive this as I do, they will discover how easy is to create a complete change in the world, the paradise could be printed in our reality by ignoring what is monkey and focusing our attention of what is humanitarian, happiness, peaceful , on what creates unity and freedom.

Let me explain you how fast works the law of attraction on me. Just days ago my best friend told me about she already visited New Zealand and Bali, a topic of less than 2 minutes and 2 days later I talked to a random person in a cafe from New Zealand who planned to have a baby, writing this article has that impact on my life. Just yesterday a friend who for a long time did not see told me that she came weeks ago from spending 4 months in New Zealand and Bali. The law of attraction is very powerful and small things that receive our attention have an influence on the history of our lives and the history of the world, it will be hard to believe this for those who maintain a low vibration, but evident for those who do not. The content that your eyes touch is really strategic and you can bring a lot of good things to your life and to the world just by focusing in the right content, around you there are just energies influenced by the information that is stored in your mind.

The power of attention is so powerful that once I saw videos of bee farms, I never see those videos and I love honey, so that day I put them and the next day at a conference was next to me a person that told me that he wanted to quit the job he has done for more than 30 years and dedicate himself to raising mothers bees and selling them. I thought that would never find a person interested in dedicating to it.

The only purpose of life is to be happy, and only meditation gives you true happiness

After meditating for 8 years I can assure you 100% without a doubt that meditation generates happiness, when I do not meditate in the morning I feel so empty as most of the people feel. But if I meditate in the morning before my day starts as always I feel great, shiny, I am very creative and enjoying the present time very deep. The difference between meditating or not, is like the difference from a sunny day and day with clouds, we have a stomach in the spirit that should be feed every day with the cosmic energies, is why spirituality is very important, we can not be happy if we are hungry. Meditation is the cultivation of energies from around and nothing else. Some people imagine that they are meditating each second, or while they are contemplating something with open eyes, one thing is meditation and another is contemplation. Meditation is the cultivation of energies from the cosmos, and only when thoughts stops completely this process starts automatically, it is as the digestion after you eat the digestion process starts right ?

With meditation, much more energy is cultivated than eating, breathing or exercising. This energy really empowers you, increases mental performance, improves health and energy levels, increases the vitality of the cell as well. But not only that, it is the best way to solve any conflict in your life without visiting any psychologist or psychiatrist. Most mental and physical problems are energy blockages and can be solved by meditating or the solution will be projected around and the person will know where to act to correct the problem.

The body and mind work in higher potential if they have more life force inside, some areas of the brain uses a lot of vital energy, those are sleeping until the flow is enough strong, this flow only is achieved by cultivating the cosmic energy through meditation, some Yoga practices (not all), Tai-Chi and Qigong. This is not hard to understand if we know that the performance is reduced when we do not sleep well or eat, right ? Is because of the lack of energy from a bad sleep that causes a low performance, then with the right food, aerobic exercise, meditation and good sleep we can increases our mental performance enormously and even awake the 6th sense. In his book Think and grow rich Napoleon Hill talks about this sense, that I already awaken.

What is the “Sixth Sense”?

The SIXTH SENSE Is the way that Infinite Intelligence Communicates With You.

The practice of meditation can help facilitate our ability to listen to our sixth sense, infinite wisdom, or the universe. We live in a world that bombards us with information and distracts us at every turn. Taking time each day in a quiet setting free of interruptions to reflect and project into the future mentally, allow us to “listen” to the ideas and thoughts that might come our way. Effective meditation for me takes place in the morning, with a note pad and pen, in order to capture in writing the ideas that may come to mind.

It is mandatory to close your eyes for meditate. I visit a place were they were meditating with open eyes, I just wasted my time there. The light from the cosmos can not be stored in the body if the senses are not blocked and the thoughts not stop, on that place called Dhyana Centre in Berlin, the woman giving the speech said that is impossible to stop the thoughts. That meditation with open eyes is just a waste of time and those misconceptions generate harm to society and retard their spiritual ascension. If you want to visit a meditation center I recommend Sahaja Yoga is completely free and is located in many cities around the world.

Overthinking generates a lot of energy waste. Is why meditation is a good way to improve your energy by avoiding the waste that generates overthinking. So meditation is strategic to avoid energy waste, to avoid undesired thoughts and to cultivate large amounts of life force. The only way to really have at your disposal large amounts of vital energy is by meditating because by meditating for years you can awake the Kundalini energy, that is a strong flow of vital energy at your disposal, this process is done when your impurities, traumas and fears are removed from the spirit.

Keep in mind that each time that you think about something some energy is used, people that can not control their thoughts are draining their selves enormously.

These are the principal habits that will make you have a strong energy flow and a healthy life when your life is in balance is the right time to have a baby. Balance is very important, I know a lot of spiritual people that do not take care of their physical body and they take spirituality as a very important issue and trust me should not be so important. Well at the end of our lives there is something sure and is that we going to be just spirit, energy with consciousness, the physical body and the abundance are very important as well. By following these tips I am pretty sure that you will be able to have a beautiful, healthy and smart baby with success guaranteed.




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