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How to Reverse Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries and Spike Protein Shedding

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Today I received Protocols from experts to Reverse Vaccine-Related Injuries. One of them is Mr. Peter Gliddem board member of the Naturopathic Medicine Institute, the only medical organization in the world to take a stand against the COVID-19 vaccine because no patient died when they were under their natural treatment for COVID. Only mainstream doctors were unable to battle the virus with efficacy due to the inefficient treatments they normally use.

So I decided to share these protocols here because there are so many people who regret getting the jab, either because they are experiencing horrible side effects or have found out how dangerous it really is and are worried. To date, there have been millions of injuries and deaths post-vaccine and so many of those who have been injured feel hopeless because their doctors have denied that their injuries are vaxx-related, and don’t treat them correctly.

I consider important that people who are aware of the huge damage caused by the Covid-19 vaccine know how to reduce the toxic proteins that cells constantly produce result of this mRNA vaccine that changed the internal system of the body in a very harmful way. So next I going to talk about these natural solutions, why they may work and a bit about this injection.

Covid -19 Vaccine is the Major Scam in History

Vaccines against COVID-19 are the biggest scam in history and most people still don't realize it. Vaccinated people still get sick, spread the virus to others, and many of them have even died like former Kentucky state representative Brent Yonts who died of Covid and was fully vaccinated. Like him, there are many other famous people who are good evidence of this scam and sadly, my grandmother, who died of Covid although she was also vaccinated.

Billions of dollars from our taxes are used to buy these ineffective remedies to treat a disease that can be easily cured with natural remedies as the specialists from the Naturopathic Medicine Institute did with success but the mainstream media ignored them and promoted panic day after day to influence people's behavior and make them believe that this harmful injection is something that will save them but it is the opposite. This study find out that in long term the Covid-19 vaccine lowers the potency of the immune system.

People were promised that these vaccines are safe and effective and they’ve been neither and in many countries, citizens have been forced to contaminate their bodies with this stuff. People have been blackmailed for their refusal to take the jab like Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic who was not allowed to compete in the US Open in 2022, for not being vaccinated, even if it makes no difference if he is or not vaccinated. Because these injections do not work and the more you receive the more your immune system is destroyed.

And it's your immune system who removes cancer cells almost every day what makes of this vaccine a carcinogenic compound. The mRNA is a message that makes your cells to produce toxic proteins that are unhealthy and your immune system removes them day after day. As result gets very tired and this is how the vaccine influence negatively your immune function but not only that. They cause inflammation, degenerate your body and put your life at risk. Anyone who denies this is either an ignorant or is making a great profit from it.

How Does the Covid-19 Vaccine Harm the Body ?

What this technology is doing is programming the cells to produce toxic proteins. They're called spike proteins, human cells don't produce spike proteins. Only infected cells do that. That's not something that your cells supposed to be producing. The messenger RNA is a message that's being delivered to the cell, telling the cell to do something different. This Vaccine is a new program someone is introducing into people's bodies.

Those toxic proteins produced by the cells irritates the immune system and starts to attack and destroy them. As result the body has an inflammatory response against these proteins. So autoimmune disease is, an unavoidable outcome for those who have received the jab according to Dr Daniel Nuzum. This is why people are experiencing debilitating symptoms.

How to Reduce the Spike Protein Produced by Covid Vaccine ?

The inflammation produced by the vaccine is result of toxic proteins released by cells following the orders of the mRNA introduced into the body. So the solution is to dissolve and neutralize these proteins. What proteolytic enzymes can do, they are simple digestive enzymes that can be consumed to generate an improvement. Proteolytic enzymes are great cold and flu remedies as well because colds and flus are viruses that are toxic proteins.

If you research what viruses are, viruses in a very most basic, simplest way to look at it, are toxic proteins that get into the cell and to start using the cellular matrix, all the components inside the cell, to make copies of themselves. Eventually it parasitizes the cell to death. The cell can't exist. It can't keep going. That cell dies. Well, your cells start producing toxic proteins after getting the vaccine and enzymes can be used to clean them with almost no side effects. Dr Daniel Nuzum have been using them successfully in his practice as a cold and flu remedy for 30 years. It works ! and colds and flus are viruses that are toxic proteins.

Expert Advice to Reverse Vaccine-Related Injuries

If your body is dealing with a viral infection or toxic proteins consuming proteolytic enzymes will help to dilute them, these are the things that Dr Daniel Nuzum have used clinically for years to help those who have allergies even. Proteolytic enzymes are those that break down proteins into smaller components called amino acids. The vaccines make your immune system to deal with all those toxic proteins constantly produced by the cells causing inflammation as a immune response but you can reduce them by taking proteolytic enzymes.

There's lots of different proteolytic enzymes. There's serrapeptase. There's protease. Anything that's a protease is a type of proteolytic enzyme. Protease is the enzyme that triggers the breakdown of protein. There are plant-based proteolytic enzymes that Vegan people can consume like bromelain and papain from pineapple. Those are plant-based proteolytic enzymes that also help the body heal from viral infection and allergy.

Serrapeptase is the one I recommend because many people developed blood clots after taking the vacinne and Serrapeptase can dissolve the blood clots that could lead to a heart attack or stroke. It is a supplement that can be beneficial to treat those with atherosclerosis, a condition where plaque builds up inside the arteries. Serrapeptase can also reduce the inflammation produced by your immune system as reaction of the toxic proteins. There are many supplements in eBay, with it, and even a product for vegans with Protease as well.

Bromelain is another proteolytic enzyme recommended, which is present in the pulp and stem part of the Pineapple Plant that can assist in protein digestion. Bromelain supplements are reported to help with inflammatory diseases, osteoarthritis, ulcerative colitis and sinusitis, as well as other disorders related to chronic inflammation. Bromelain is also thought to promote digestion, boost cardiovascular health, and fight against some types of cancer.

Papain is another recommended proteolytic enzyme that you can get into your body just by eating raw papaya, but it's also available in supplementation and see how cheap they are at this shop. Consuming all these enzymes in supplementation is completely safe, but first test your body and if you don't have any reaction, continue consuming them from time to time, not every day, but it is best to consume them by eating raw pineapples or papayas. I said raw because enzymes in fruits and vegetables are destroyed when you cook or boil them.

How to Detox your Body From Covid Vaccine ?

Enzymes are helpful for removing the toxic proteins that cells produce when your operating system is modified by this experimental shut that already kill thousands of people in Canada and United States. But minerals are a very important part of this protocol and they can not be produced by your body, you need to introduce them. Minerals like iodine, selenium, manganese, zinc, copper, or sulfur contains enzymes. There are zinc-based enzymes, manganese-based enzymes, sulfur-based enzymes, all them help.

MSM and other sulfur compounds from cruciferous vegetables like DIM or IC3 are very helpful but do not forget to eat them raw otherwise you have no enzymes anymore. If you do not like them you can get MSM or DIM in supplements. Especially MSM supplementation is very helpful to reduce inflammation, keep your skin young and beautiful, detox your body from toxins as heavy metals and even to decalcify the pineal gland. It is some of the remedies I recommend in this article with advice for activating the pineal gland, check it out.

Those minerals forms deal with breaking down proteins, repairing proteins or reconstructing proteins. They are necessary for your body's own enzymatic matrix to be functioning. So for instance, let's talk about zinc real quick. When zinc gets metabolized into the body, it becomes a component of zinc-based enzymes. And what zinc-based enzymes do is repairing proteins. That's everything from the protein that makes up your hair, to the protein that makes up your skin, to the protein that makes up your muscles or even the protein that makes up your DNA. If you don't have enough zinc, you can't make enough of those enzymes and your body deteriorates.

All of these minerals are trace elements and are necessary, as well as amino acids such as methionine, lysine, cysteine and the N-acetyl cysteine. Methionine is an essential amino acid important for many functions in the body, including the construction of new proteins, the production of DNA, and normal tissue growth and repair. It is found in Spirulina or Chlorella, which is one of the most important supplements that I recommended as an anti-aging coach.

So if you took the vaccine I recommend you consume trace elements in supplementation and organic Spirulina or Chlorella to introduce all those beneficial amino acids but all these nutrients are not miraculous, it is best to avoid these experimental injections that are killing a lot people. Even young and healthy people are dying by conditions like strokes and heart failure just a few days after receiving the vaccine or booster.

How To Heal From the Covid Vaccine ?

Using a Rife Machine can be a great way to cleanse and detoxify your organism of this experimental remedy. There is a preset that can be used for this purpose and reduce inflammation. If you never heard about Rife devices please read this article with complete information about these machines that can be used to heal most diseases and kill pathogens that are harmful to your body like bacteria and viruses but please note that they should be mixed with a healthy diet, natural supplementation and peaceful lifestyle for best results.

Most of the people who died in the United States from the Covid vaccine experienced heart problems. That is why I wrote this article sharing natural remedies that can help reverse the damage in the cardiovascular system caused by this injection, please check it out. It is a great complementary information to the advice that I share here from renowned naturopaths who have saved the lives of absolutely all the people with covid who came to their clinics.

I feel grateful for living in Germany where is respected the freedom of the person in comparison to United States or Canada where they are obligating people to introduce this stuff that already killed more than 30,000 people according to the VAERS reporting network, which is the Center for Disease Control in the United States. Which is the website you visit to report an adverse reaction you got from a vaccine.

Here are the numbers as of today: 30,162 deaths; 172,590 hospitalizations; 133,688 visits to urgent care; 202,530 doctor office visits; 15,000 people with Bells palsy; 5,000 miscarriages; 16,000 heart attacks; 51,000 people developed myocarditis; 56,000 are permanently disabled; 33,000 have life-threatening illnesses as a result of the vaccines. 44,000 have had severe allergic reactions. And a Harvard researcher find out that the VAERS numbers are

egregiously under-reported and they reflect only less than 10% of what's really happening.

I hope this advice helps save lives and wakes people up before it's too late as happened with these doctors who died within days of receiving the second booster and they were strongly recommending these jabs even to children. Probably Karma, but not really, it's just ignorance, but at least you already have the correct knowledge because you're reading some of the best blogs out there. So subscribe to my newsletter to stay informed and in touch with me.

And before you go, help me spread this protocol to the people you know who will benefit from it or share it on your social media so more people know how to reduce the risks of these injections. Because there is a lot of misinformation promoted by the mainstream media and even by organizations like You can also help me get this article to more people by donating here or buying something from my store. I really appreciate it and please note that I'm using affiliate links from eBay and other stores but I'm not promoting specific products.




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