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How to create a healthy environment that reduces the negative impact of 5G technology ?

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

The environment is very important to maintain health, to feel positive and to increase the performance in all areas of life. In the following text, I not only talk about how to create a wonderful environment that empowers and reduces the negative impact of 5G technology, but I will also talk about some important facts of the vital energy because it is extremely important and almost nobody is talking about it. The Chi energy not only strengthens the whole organism and cells but also accelerates the human potential. I have divided the text into the following chapters:

1- The 5G Technology and the Life Force

2- Plants and Trees are our best friends

3 - Creating the environment that will empower you

4 - How to reduce the noise generated by the 5G technology ?

5 - Some extra recommendations

The 5G technology and the Life Force

The 5G technology is very harmful, only ignorant people consider 5G safe because they do not know the existence of the Chi energy. The Chinese Traditional Medicine heals with success since more than 3000 years ago by correcting the flow of Chi inside the organism. Our bodies can heal by their own and even avoid diseases if there is a strong flow of vital energy inside, this energy strength the organism and the 5G technology, compact fluorescent lights, Wi-Fi, Cellphones, TVs, computers, and other electronics create fields that contaminate the Chi energy of the environment. The vital energy becomes stagnant in contact with those fields and its movement is reduced enormously. It becomes rigid, in nature, it is in a continuous pulse, this movement generates vitality in ourselves and in the cells.

Wilhelm Reich worked a lot with this energy, developing basic machines that were driven by this energy, he discovered that cancer cells have not the blue auric field that healthy cells normally have, this field is the Chi. He was a genius, he created rains in areas where did not rain for long periods of time by accumulating this energy in the atmosphere and by cleaning the negative one. Wilhelm Reich was the best disciple of Sigmund Freud, and he gave us much more than Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein that is famous without leaving any momentous legacy for life, while Reich left a legacy that benefits and empowers society, Albert left a legacy that destroyed and killed thousands of people. Sigmund never understood the Libido and Wilhelm Reich found the Chi energy by trying to figure out what causes the libido, he called this energy Orgone, the energy of the organism or the energy of the orgasms. He was a psychologist so his work is oriented on this area but he discovered a very important biological aspect of our selves, what nourishes our spirit and maintains our cells healthy and strong “the vital energy”. When the body has a strong flow of vital force, we are healthy, we feel positive, happy and the performance of the mind is amplified.

Plants and Trees are our best friends

The trees are extremely important to us, the big trees more. The big trees make the vital force moving faster and generate the vitality that strengthens society. The plants are our best friends and we can protect ourselves from 5G by creating a wonderful environment in the places where we spend most of the time by placing them. Because my apartment is totally infested with electromagnetic pollution and dirty electricity, I discovered that having plants is really strategic to reduce the negative impact, they create an exquisite atmosphere.

The 5G technology reduces the natural pulse of Chi energy because the fields generated by the antennas make the Chi rigid reducing its movement and generating diseases by contracting the natural pulses in the body. Because the cells are weakened by lack of a strong flow of life force, they cannot perform normally and the chaos arises in the physical body. Having plants at home will help because they create an energetic flow, this energy from around is attracted by our bodies because water naturally attracts the Orgone energy (the Chi) and we are 70% water. More vital energy we have more happy we feel. The Life force generates a positive state of well being and increases the mental performance.

The 5G technology generates lack of vitality in us and in our cells, is why is very dangerous.

Could you Imagine the world with all the society with Fibromyalgia ?

With a strong flow of vital energy in the body cells are happy, alive and strong as well as you. Acupuncture and Shiatsu helps to regulate the flow of Chi energy in the body as well as eating organic and raw vegetables, fruits and herbs but cannot make the vital energy of your environment clean. The 5G technology is affecting directly the spirit of the people that is the part of the body not perceptible with the eyes and it is around 60% of the whole body. Because most of the scientists, religions, and doctors ignore this part of the body a lot of people are dying because technologies have a negative impact on this area of the body, and the symptoms arrive too late on the physical. I suggest to follow the people that are talking and teaching about these topics as Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza or Barbara Brennan, they know the body, mind and spirit perfectly as well as all the human potential. They are healing a lot of people on the planet, they are very active teaching to the society what we really are.


You can avoid a doctor for years with the right state of mind, eating raw and organic foods, breathing deeply, exercising and having a healthy ecosystem at home or office. I did not visit any doctor for more than 10 years, well, my perfect condition is due to my daily practice of meditation also. I will tell you how to create a healthy environment later. This is the purpose of this article, but first, let me tell you how you can support the proliferation of a healthy ecosystem on the planet ... By using Ecosia !

It is a search engine that plants trees when you use it, the more you use it, the more trees are planted. I highly recommend it, I do not have any contact with any member of this company but I love what they do completely. They are not people wasting millions of dollars by building huge useless clocks in the mountains of Texas, they are using resources with wisdom and supporting the society of the planet enormously and I feel grateful of what they are doing because trees are truly important, the lack of trees generates lack of vitality in society. It is exceptionally important to have a long-term thinking, in this way it is mandatory to plant trees at this time and invest money wisely by creating an ecosystem that generates more life, is the only way to keep our specie alive.

Creating the environment that will empower you

The best way to protect yourself from electromagnetic pollution is by creating a healthy environment in the places where you spend most of your time, one of them is the bedroom since we sleep for approximately 8 hours. By placing plants, Chi generators and Orgonites in the bedroom or office the environment is improved and the impact is reduced by almost 80%.

Metal, Polyester, and Water attract electromagnetic pollution. Avoid metal furniture especially the bed and do not place metal objects under the bed. Use only cotton clothes and bed-sheets and a water optimizer to clean the Electrosmog stored in beverages. Eating green leaves often a good way to detoxify the body also by drinking teas. Buy them at herbalists because the teas available at grocery stores are actually of low quality.Do not use microwave ovens because they infest food with Electrosmog, they are very harmful as well as the compact fluorescent lights, so use LED lights or normal bulbs.

A healthy ecosystem at the bedroom or in the areas where you spent most of your time increases your superpowers, your health and the positive feeling of well being.

Placing plants is obligatory to maintain clean the environment of the polluted vital energy generated by the 5G and 4G. These technologies affect directly the Spirit; almost 60% of the whole body is invisible, people who practice meditation or another spiritual practice could expand their spirit and it can be even 90% of the whole body. The life force nourishes both the spirit and the physical, so, It is strategic to maintain the environment with clean vital energy in constant flow. Using plants, Orgonites, and life force generators is possible to create a strong continuous flow. I highly recommend to introduce at least 4 plants in the bedroom because the 5G technology is extremely dangerous. The ignorance of the people caused this extreme situation, but do not be angry with no one, this is something provoked by the whole society. Most of the people do not care about their selves, it is why is trendy getting drunk or taking drugs. A lot of food in the supermarket is toxic also like sodas in plastic bottles, those contain Xenoestrogens. Cooking food with microwaves ovens is even more dangerous than the 5G technology and I do not want to talk about Genetically modified food, what is very stupid, and hazard, I am happy that the government of Russia is working hard to distributing organic food in the whole planet. So, basically it is normal that this fatal scenario arrives because the schools are just making us waste our time by teaching useless knowledge. The most important information for a person is not taught in the school and are the next:

1- How the whole body and spirit works (this include the mind as the creator of your reality)

2- The properties of the food and exercise (this include how to heal yourself by consuming certain herbs, fruits or vegetables)

3- How money works.

These are the 3 pillars of the society and people are sick, depressed and poor for the lack of this knowledge. The properties of some herbs are awesome and important to know, you can avoid many diseases by eating strategically. So introducing plants in the bedroom and office is the first step to create a wonderful environment with a great atmosphere.

On this article, is a list with some plants that reduce the Electromagnetic pollution and produces large quantity of oxygen. Because I had a lot of Electrosmog and dirty electricity in my apartment I discovered this novel properties of the plants. I recommend placing at least 4 plants in the bedroom, 3 plants that reduce Electrosmog and one to generate oxygen. Almost every plant produces oxygen but some specimens do it faster.

With the 5G you need a jungle inside your home to be safe, is why having a Life force generator is strategic and Orgonites. To achieve a quite healthy environment you need the 3. The most important are the plants and the life force generator, the Orgonites only distribute the energy pulsed by the Chi generator , the plants will produce oxygen and will reduce the noise generated by the artificial signals coming from the antennas of the 5G. Cells communicate with certain frequencies and the 5G generates frequencies that do not exist in nature, it is a kind of noise for the cells and it makes communication difficult between them. This could generate problems in some area of the body. There are 4 Life force generators that can help to reduce this problem, I will talk about it in the next chapter before I would like to explain...

How a life force generator works ?

This question I received all the time by many clients is why I will describe it with the next example...

Imagine a room completely full of smoke (electrosmog) produced by the smokers inside(electronics and 4g) and exists a machine that pulses clean air. This device shoots to much clean air that even if the smokers still enjoying their cigarettes all the time, there is more clean air than smoke in the room because the clean air pulsed by the machine, and this machine takes the air from the atmosphere where the air is and pulses it in large amounts and clean.

It is how the Life force generators work, they pulse large amounts of vital energy making disappear the polluted vital force of the atmosphere that is generated constantly by the fields of the technology. When the atmosphere is very polluted like in my apartment the environmental change after turn on the generator is very evident. Before the generator, the atmosphere in my apartment was horrible and caused me insomnia and migraines for more than 2 years. Nowadays the environment is great even if the Electrosmog remains there. I have plants, orgonites, and a life force generator.

About the Orgonites

The Orgonites are small copies of the orgone accumulators that Wilhelm Reich built. They have layers of metal and resin and were invented by Karl Hans to boost the potency of the life force generators. After inventing them, he shared the recipe with the world and Don Croft improved it by adding quartz because these crystals generate a field that cleans the Chi energy attracted. Karl Hans did not add any quartz since the Chi generators create a strong flow of the clean vital force and in much greater quantity. An Orgonite is very simple, the Chi generators pulse a lot more energy, at the desired frequencies and the user can bring this energy to any part of the world with the transfer discs.

The Orgonites are useful only if they contain Quartz, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline and Shungite. Most of the Orgonites in the market do not have enough metal. Metal is the most important ingredient and the orgonite must be full of metal. It is what attracts the radiation that is purified by the magnetic field, generated by crystals that are piezoelectric. An Orgonite must have layers of metal and resin, by in way is the best using metallic powder as we do in the Orgonites inside the generators. They are 300% more powerful that many Orgonites in the market and 60% smaller.

How to reduce the noise created by the 5G technology ?

Everything vibrates in the Universe with a certain order, there are some frequencies that do not exist in the organisms and those frequencies are generated by the technology. Those are harmful, it is dis-harmonic been around them because cells communicate with frequencies and the artificial frequencies interfere with the cellular communication, it is a kind of noise for the cells. To reduce the negative impact of artificial frequencies is recommended to pulse the life force of the generator in the next frequencies ...

174hz - 285 hz - 396 hz - 417 hz - 432 hz - 528 hz - 639 hz - 741 hz - 852 hz - 963 hz

A Miracle happened in the Gulf of Mexico

John Hutchison and Nancy Lazaryan cleaned with success the waters of the Gulf after the oil spill with radio and audio frequencies in certain harmonics that ancients used to HEAL people. These tones will have a positive impact on the body and mind if they are reproduced by the Chi generators. But only 4 generators can produce those frequencies and they are pricey, so you can reproduce those frequencies in audio. In Youtube are many videos with audio on these frequencies, they will help to clean the environment of your place too. I recommend these videos, there is a description of each frequency below. These frequencies have an impact on the water and we are 70% water, so it is advisable to listen to them with speakers as well. It is possible to clean the atmosphere at home by leaving the audio on even if you are not there.

174 Hz – It tends to remove pain physically, energetically as well as karmic energy. 174 Hz frequency gives your organs a sense of security, safety and love, motivating them to do their best.

285 Hz – This tone is useful when treating wounds, cuts, burns or any other form of damaged tissue. 285 Hz Solfeggio Frequency is said to be directly connected to our body´s, mind and soul´s blueprint for optimal health and physical well being, due to its amazing ability to remember what should be and to return cells to its original form. It influences energy fields sending them message to restructure damaged organ. 285 Hz is about remembering and healing you, your internal organs and your energy.

396 Hz – Cleanses the feeling of guilt, which often represents one of the basic obstacle to realization, enables achievement of goals in the most direct way. It releases you from the feeling of guilt and fear by bringing down the defense mechanisms. This Solfeggio frequency can also be also used as means of grounding, awakening, sobering and returning to reality.

417Hz – Next tone from the solfeggio scale is connected with resonation processes or processes of amplification. Re can “delete” person’s “alienation from God” and enable returning to the “right path”. This solfeggio frequency cleanses traumatic experiences and clears destructive influences of past events. It can be used for cleaning limiting impression, which disables the person to achieve her life goals. When speaking of cellular processes, tone Re encourages the cell and its DNA to function in an optimal way. 417 Hz frequency energizes your body cells and helps to use their creative potentials.

528 Hz – Used to return human DNA to its original, perfect state. If it is used in a way described in Webster’s dictionary – by communicating the wanted effect and with energy support from the “light” – miracles will happen! Process of DNA reparation is followed by beneficial effects – increased amount of life energy, clarity of mind, awareness, awakened or activated creativity, ecstatic states like deep inner peace, dance and celebration. It also opens the person for deep spiritual experiences and spiritual enlightenment.

639 Hz – This frequency enables creation of harmonious community and harmonious interpersonal relationships. It can be used for dealing with relationships problems – those in family, between partners, friends or social problems. It can be used to encourage the cell to communicate with its environment. This ancient Solfeggio frequency enhances communication, understanding, tolerance and love. 639 Hz frequency can also be used for communication with parallel worlds or spiritual spheres.

741 Hz – Cleans the cell from the toxins. Frequent use of 741 Hz leads to a healthier, simpler life, and also to change in diet towards foods which are not poisoned by various kinds of toxins. It also cleans the cell from different kinds of electromagnetic radiations. Another important application of this sound frequency is cleansing infections – viral, bacterial, and fungal. This tone leads you to pure, stable and spiritual life.

852 Hz – This frequency is directly connected to the third eye chakra and can be used a for awakening inner strength & self realisation. It is good for dissolving stagnate mental energy from to over-thinking. It is said to clear up energy blockages that before has hindered clear and strong communication with our higher self, spirit guides and spirit helpers.

963 Hz – This tone awakens any system to its original, perfect state. It is connected with the Light and all-embracing Spirit, and enables direct experience, the return to Oneness. This frequency re-connects you with the Spirit, or the non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world. It will enable you to experience Oneness – our true nature.

Other recommendations

Finally, I suggest some things that could help, like having no electronics inside the bedroom, lighting fire frequently too. Turning on candles often is a good idea and they look awesome as well as having natural flowers. Opening the window every day is strategic. The crystals help but not as much as the plants or the life force generators, since these must be of great size to have a real impact. That helps a lot is having crystals close to your body often. Diamonds bigger than 2 carats helps to boost enormously the manifestation process is why they are very expensive. The gold helps too to achieve a golden spirit and Lapis Lazuli is the most recommended mineral to maintain close to you and it is quite cheap. For healing the emerald is a great help but should be crystalline. If it's not translucent, it does not help. The quality of the crystals is very important in this way you need to be careful where you buy the Orgonites, the best is to create your own by using high-quality materials. Use amethysts with a deep violet color and crystalline quartz only, fully transparent.

With these tips, the impact of 5G could be reduced by almost 60 or 70% or even more, but I recommend that you clean yourself often going to nature. Swimming in lakes or in the sea to purify your spirit will give you a lot of power. But if you do not have them around, cleaning your body with salt from the sea while you are bathing will help also burning white Sage around your body before showering.




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