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Power Perfect Box Commercial

Power Perfect Box Commercial


By installing this box next to the breaker panel the harmful dirty electricity is filtered in the entire circuit, providing clean energy to the whole business. As a result, the equipment runs more efficiently, operates cooler & lasts longer. It provides robust protection against electrical irregularities.


This product is free !

In the future the investment will return in energy savings, in 2 or 6 years.


Your business or shop will be cleaned of dirty electricity that was leaking from the wiring system and reaching people's bodies. A healthy environment will be there even if many devices are working.


People frequent the places where they feel good, it is why is strategic a healthy environment at your hotel, spa, restaurant or office. The work team will increases their focus and their feelings and health will be not influenced by the environment in a negative way anymore.




Reduced electrical consumption

Lower utility bill


Extend the life and health of your appliances

Voltage is regulated

The whole system is protected

The performance of your appliances is improved


Is created a Healthier environment

Electromagnetic fields are reduced

Electrical noise is cleaned

Negative harmonics are filtered


How to install ?


It is easy to install directly to the breaker panel but an electrician is required. It takes approximately 30 minutes.


10 Year Warranty

Free USA Shipping

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