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LED Facial Care SPA Equipment
  • LED Facial Care SPA Equipment


    PDT skin renewal equipment for skin treatment in spa and salon. With 6 different tools for rejuvenation, better skin health and appearance. 


    Photodynamic care treatment is the latest technology to accelerate cell growth, blood circulation, stimulate fibrous tissue to produce collagen, increase skin elasticity, repairing aging skin, acne, reduce spots, improve firmness, relieve sunburned skin and many more.


    It has 6 different tools for different purposes:


    1 - SPRAY GUN

    To put essence products in compressed oxigen to then release it in the skin allowing to better absorb and activate the introduction of nutrients.


    2 - BIO

    Tool for activating blood circulation, eliminate toxins, promote Qi and dredge the lympathic vessels in various parts of the body. Directly acts on the skin, under the action of electric shock.


    3 - RF HANDLE
    Promotes the contraction and tightening of the subcutaneous collagen preventing wrinkles from becoming superficial. It use remodeling the shape of the subcutaneous collagen, producing new collagen and as a result, firmer skin.


    With this tool is used to maximaze the curative effect of the skin products allowing nutrients to quickly penetrate between the base and dermis of the skin by alternating the hot and cold produced by the hammer. It supplies a lot of water and nutrients improving the elasticity of collagen fibers, hydration, enhance immunity, firm skin and more.


    The skin scrubber handle uses ultrasonic high-frequency vibration deep massage to soften the skin keratinocytes with 1.65 million vibrations per second to achieve the best cleaning effect. This method is more effective, allowing skin to better clean skin cells.


    This is the tool to apply light therapy for skin improvement, It emits the next colors of light:


    ● Red light

    with a wavelength of 630mm that can increase the activity of cells, promote the metabolism of cells, and make the skin secrete a large amount of collagen and fibrous tissue to fill itself.  


    ● Blue light

    with a wavelength of 415mm to quickly inhibiting inflammation. During the formation of acne, mainly Propionibacterium is responsible for the blame, and blue light can effectively destroy this bacteria without damaging the skin tissue. Minimize the shape of acne, and in a short period of time, the acne in the inflammatory period is significantly reduced to cure. Recommended session of treatment: once every 3 days, every 15 minutes. 


    ● Purple light

    with a dual-frequency light of red light and blue light. It combines the efficacy of two kinds of light therapy, especially beneficial for acne and acne marks. It has a particularly good effect and repair effect. 


    ● Yellow light

    that promotes the function of glands, assist digestion, manipulate skin diseases, and enhance immune function. 


    ● Green light

    to balance and soothes nervous tension, and effectively clears the lymph and drainage. 


    ● Orange light

    that promotes a brighter glow for more radiant skin. Adds vitality to dull.


    ● White light

    to promote skin rejuvenation.


    It has one year warranty and the shipping takes a month. If you want to receive it before contact us but the express shipping fee is $361.

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