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Infrared LED Light Therapy Device
  • Infrared LED Light Therapy Device


    Infrared light therapy device that allow you expose your face and body parts to the most beneficial spectrums of light, infrared, blue and red light for skin rejuvenation, acne healing and wrinkle reduction. 


    Infrared light is the only wavelength that allows you to rejuvenate your skin and parts of your body by improving mitochondrial function. This helps maintain excellent cellular activity that provides anti-aging benefits. Thousands of studies conclude it.


    Infrared light improves hair growth, sleep disorders, increases melatonin levels the most powerful antioxidant, accelerates wound and scars healing, increases collagen, elastin, it has so many great benefits and all of them with scientific support.


    You only need to expose your skin for a few mintues without skin products, they will reduce the benefits. Keep the skin clean and dry when you use it do not expose your self more than 20 minutes. It emits 7 different wavelengths and there is an option that allow you to enjoy the benefits of all them in continuous short cycles.


    1- RED (760nm)

    INFRARED(830 nm)

    Excellent for cell regeneration, and skin rejuvenation. Stimulates collagen, elastin and healing. Reduce wrinkles, skin redness and maintain skin structure in good conditions.


    2 - BLUE (435nm)

    It is very helpful for eliminating acne bacteria, inhibiting sebaceous glands and resting allergic skin. reduce skin oil secretion, reduce skin roughness, fever, ringworm and other problems caused by fatigue


    3 - GREEN (492nm)

    Provides deep cosmetology for skin, promotes the metabolism of skin cells and the secretion of collagen.


    4 - YELLOW (577nm)

    Effect of deep repair on freckle removing and white skin.


    5 - PURPLE LIGHT(254nm)

    Stimulate the secretion system and dredge the lymph glands. Its stimulating effect was slightly weaker than that of red light. But it has a good effect on acne.


    6 - ORANGE LIGHT( 597 nm)

    To prevent dry skin, increase skin elasticity, stretch wrinkles, stretch stretch stretch marks, delay skin aging.



    This is a preset to reflect all colors one by one in short periods of time.




    1 - Device

    7 to 10 day delivery to USA

    A Month Money Back Guarantee

    Free Return

    1 year Warranty if it stops working



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