Water Optimizer Coaster

Water Optimizer Coaster


This transfer disc was designed to load beverages with life force, also foods close to the disc can absorb vital energy. It is easy to use, the small piece must remain in the outlet pipe of the Chi generator or on the surface of a water optimizer and instantly the energy reaches the largest disk. It is there where you can place the liquids. You can charge any drink with vital energy, however with wine or water in crystal glasses, excellent elixirs are created. In minutes the water acquires a beautiful molecular structure, leaving it for longer is of course optimal.


Water stores the frequencies of the environment so it is recommended to eliminate toxic information, such as Electrosmog, before drinking it. Placing a glass of water on the large disc for a few minutes is an excellent method to revitalize it. After a few minutes, you can enjoy the benefits of living water. Water in its natural state that for its benefits We recommend!


Use this disk to bring the vital energy of the Orgon generator wherever you go, in the world; If you are traveling, it is recommended to leave the frequency of 7.83 Hz, which is neutral. The size of the large disc is 8 cm. It was specially designed to leave the water as pure and alive as that which flows through a river in nature.

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