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1500 Watts Infrared Light Panel
  • 1500 Watts Infrared Light Panel

    $900.00 Regular Price
    $777.00Sale Price

    Super Powerful Infrared Light Therapy Panel with 1500 Watts and remote controller. Specifically crafted for fitness enthusiasts and those seeking to reverse aging.


    If you're looking for reducing wrinkles, pain relief, skin health, better sleep, energy and performance or rapid recovery from workouts, this red and near-infrared light panel might help!


    A great aid to speed up any fitness goal, improve skin appearance, rejuvenate the body, and maintain overall health. This versatile panel is designed to elevate your well-being and transform your life...


    Experience skin improvement, acne reduction, fat loss, increased physical performance, muscle growth, hair growth, and the reduction of wrinkles, cellulite, fatigue, inflammation, chronic pain, swelling after injury, and more.


    The treatment only requires exposing most of your skin area for 10 to 20 minutes to the light. Due to its simplicity and significant impact on wellness, it is considered one of the best anti-aging treatments, very beneficial for health and appearance.


    Helping in injury prevention, to accelerate wound healing, and supports skin and tissue rejuvenation. It is backed by 30,000 clinical studies, completely safe, and can be used in long-term, even daily. 


    It is a great treatment after stroke, injury or to ameliorate psychiatric disorders as depression. It enhances muscle recovery, memory, reduces pain and has anti-inflammatory benefits.


    The panel includes 300 LED light with different red and infrared wavelengths to provide great outcomes:


    30pcs 630nm LED Chips + 120pcs 660nm LED Chips + 16pcs 810nm LED Chips + 16pcs 830nm LED Chips + 118pcs 850nm LED Chips.


    It has a timer that allows you to set the irradiation from 1 to 30 minutes. The weight is 7.5 kg and includes a 3-year warranty with a 2-week delivery.


    It is produced by a company with many international certifications and years of experience in manufacturing medical equipment.



    Please be aware that this item is stored in China. There is the possibility of residents in certain countries incurring customs charges specific to their location.



    An animal study demonstrated that 830nm light therapy improved bone repair by stimulating new bone growth.



    Exposure to 830nm wavelengths after aesthetic surgery hastens recovery, reduces downtime and enhances the results. 830nm wavelengths increases the release of endorphins, peptides that promote the feelings of wellness.



    A study observed the use of 850nm wavelengths on athletes, and found that usage of the near-infrared light increased muscle mass after training, and decreased inflammation and oxidative stress in muscle biopsies.



    Lesions in the skin heal faster when exposed to 850nm wavelength. It supports the production of collagen, assisting with plumper, more radiant-looking skin, and a more uniform texture.


    - 300pcs LED Single Chip
    - Input voltage:100-240V AC
    - Frequency: 50/60Hz
    - Light denisty: >130mW/cm²
    - Dimension:920*300*65mm

    - Dimmer: 1~100%

    - Gross weight: 13.5kg/pc

    - 2.4G Remote Controller

    - Actual power: 413W/540W
    - Spectrum: 630, 660, 810, 830, 850 or Customize
    - Digital Timer insert: 10mins(default), Max 30mins
    - Flicker: support 10Hz, 40Hz, 100Hz, 1000Hz;
    - Package included: 1pc light + 1pc wire with plug + 1pc manual + 1pc glasses.


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