are the two basic ingredients of all living things. Because in natural environments, Chi's pulse is bright, we feel great. In places, with electromagnetic pollution, this pulsation becomes opaque.  
Chi energy and water
Life force energy
stagnates in places with electromagnetic fields  generating a depressive environment that is   uncomfortable because it is harmful. It creates  imbalance, negativity, and  mental chaos   
lower your electricity bill
extend the life of equipment
eliminates voltage distortions
An Orgone Generator

creates a revitalizing and healthy environment that allows people to focus on what they are doing 

Also, it reduces the impact of Electromagnetic pollution, strengthens cells and facilitates sleep    



 at home or anywhere else 

  • the negative impact of EMFs is reduced
  • a wonderful atmosphere is created
  • ​those present are revitalized
  • clarity & good ideas are improved
  • a sense of well-being is perceived
  • the ambiance created facilitates sleep

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