Electromagnetic pollution

What is electromagnetic pollution ?

Everything is energy in the Universe, Albert Einstein said: “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.” So, all things are vibrating, electromagnetic pollution are fields produced by technological devices that vibrate at frequencies that are not found in any organism on nature.

How Electromagnetic pollution affects our bodies ?

Numerous studies proved the negative effect of electromagnetic pollution in the body. But those studies are very limited because the scientists only focus on the physical matter, the energy that vibrates very slow and that is a tiny part of the reality. The Electromagnetic pollution contaminates the Life Force the principal source of energy for every living being. When the Life force is contaminated gets stagnant and the flow is reduced, causing any disease in the body because the cells stop receiving this energy in abundance and their vitality is reduced. Traditional Chinese medicine has been successful for more than 3000 years because it works, right ? They don't cure any disease, they balance the flow of the Life force called Chi. After balancing the flow, the body heals on its own. Electromagnetic pollution causes a great imbalance in the body because it makes the Life force rigid, with this shape the flow is reduced and less vital energy reaches the cells. When cells are tired for lack of a constant flow of Chi, any problem could arise anywhere in the body because they cannot function successfully and the body is just trillions of cells everywhere.

What is the best way to protect yourself from electromagnetic pollution ?

The best way to protect yourself from electromagnetic pollution is by creating a healthy environment in the places where you spend most of your time, one of them is the bedroom since we sleep for approximately 8 hours. By placing plants, Chi generators and Orgonites in the bedroom or office the environment is improved and the impact is reduced by almost 80%. Metal, Polyester, and Water attract electromagnetic pollution. Avoid metal furniture especially the bed and do not place metal objects under the bed. Use only cotton clothes and bedsheets and a water optimizer to clean the negative frequencies stored in beverages. Eating green leaves often a good way to detoxify the body also by drinking teas. Buy them at herbalists because the teas available at grocery stores are actually of low quality. Do not use microwave ovens because they infest food with electrosmog, they are very harmful as well as the compact fluorescent lights, so use LED lights or normal bulbs. If you like crystals, place some at home, the best ones are Amethyst and Shungite but they should be not small. Any black crystal could work, but it must be cleaned in a natural environment each week, place it on the floor, the planet will absorb the radiation from it.

Does water attract electromagnetic pollution ?

Yes, water attracts and stores frequencies of the environments where it is located, this is called water memory. Luc Montagnier the Nobel Prize teleported a piece of DNA from France to Italy through a computer by recording the frequencies of the DNA introduced in Water. Then those frequencies were recorded in audio and sent to Italy. This audio was reproduced to water in Italy, the water stored those frequencies and then was built again 98% of the same piece of DNA by a polymerase chain reaction. This is something he does since many years ago and a blunt proof that Water has memory. Electrosmog are toxic frequencies that can be stored by the water. It is important to clean those frequencies by using a water optimizer. This device also charges the Water with Vital energy. Water attracts and stores the Chi energy, life in the oceans and rivers is not possible without life force.

How does a Water Optimizer work ?

The Water Optimizer is a Chi generator, any Chi generator can create living Water. Water in its natural state with molecular movement ordered structure and loaded with Vital force. Is the Chi energy that eliminates the electrosmog from the beverage and not the water optimizer but is the water optimizer that creates the Chi. The vital energy eliminates the toxic frequencies stored in beverages by filling them with natural frequencies. It is like introducing clean water into dirty water, there is a time when the water is completely clean. In the same way, it works. When you introduce the frequencies that exist in nature, the toxic frequencies stored in the beverage are diluted. Placing a glass of water for 5 minutes in a water optimizer is enough to clean the toxic information before drinking it, keep in mind that water should never be stored in plastic bottles !

How does a Chi generator work ?

Chi energy is in the atmosphere but we cannot access to it, just like the water. There is a device that creates water from the air, did you know it ? The Chi generator works in the same way. Taking Chi from the air, the Chi generator creates the continuous flow of vital energy that only exists in natural environments such as the forest, where plants, herbs, and trees generate a strong movement of this vital energy. The Chi generators generate a healthy and revitalizing environment by pulsing clean vital energy continuously. They clean the depressing atmosphere created by electromagnetic pollution, improve sleep, meditation and learning. They balance the mind, boost vitality and empower the cells with Life force. They were invented in 1991 and since then many people have benefited.