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Anti-Aging coach

I am the classic person that everyone considers much younger than I am, who is asked for an ID when buying the lottery that is not sold to minors, but all this is not a coincidence.

I started reversing my biological age after a friend who hadn't seen in years told me how old I was looking. This was a sign to start doing something and I began to research with passion about herbal medicine, the body functions and strategies that lead to age reversal.

Then I found to David Sinclair who declared that humans born today have a healthspan of 200 years and after all these years of coaching and experimenting on myself, I firmly belive it as well. Youth can be extended for many years and I help people making this possible. My niche is healthy people from 35-60 years old motivated enough to reverse 10 years of their biological age, improve their health, appearance and energy levels.

I don't usually guide people who take medications because they damage the body, unbalance glands and cause a lot of deterioration. Any health condition can be treated with a strategic diet, herbal remedies, radio frequencies or energy healing. They are much more effective, cheaper and healthier for the body and the planet, but I can also guide people to change their medications for herbal solutions if they want to receive my coaching.

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