Radinic Mechine RAD 1000
The rad 1000

Is a radionic machine that allows you to manifest your objectives quickly without complications, it is based on the same ingredients of a magical ritual: the target, a structural link and Life Force. Some sorcerers kill animals to obtain the vital energy, while others dance for hours with the same objective.

M A K E   A   W I S H


This device creates large amounts of life force so it is not requisite to dance or evoke any entity to obtain the life force necessary for a successful operation, however, absolute relaxation, solitude and keep the desire in secret is required.

Radionic Machines RAD1000


The Rad1000 cleanses electromagnetic pollution and helps to get sleep to those who suffer from insomnia. The vital energy empowers the body, the mind and can be brought anywhere in the world with the transfer disks. Water can be revitalized if is placed in front of the machine for a few minutes.

Our own photo is placed on the pad with our name written on the back and imagine an event we want to experiment while is rotated the first button until our intuition stops it, then we imagine an event that occurred after our desired one while the second dial is moved and the third is rotated while we maintain an imaginary dialogue with an acquaintance that congratulates us for the achievement ...

life force  generator rad1000.png

A L L   I S  M I N D

Life Force Genrator RAD1000


The generator is turned on every day for one hour so the order will be sent to the Universe as a numeric value through the life force. The Rad1000 is an amplifier of thought and if it is maintained fear or desperation its use is harmful. That will be what will manifest. It is highly recommended to visit this link to learn with detail how to manifest your goals quickly with the help of this unique device.

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