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Radionic Machine RAD 1000
The rad 1000

Radionic device that allows you to manifest your goals quickly without complications. It is based on the same principles of a magical ritual: intention, a structural link and life force. It can be used to clean your energy field and to manifest something easily.

M A K E   A   W I S H


It creates large amounts of life energy so it is not requisite to dance or evoke any entity to obtain the life force necessary for a successful operation, however, absolute relaxation, solitude and visualization are required.

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Radionic device RAD1000


Cleanses electromagnetic pollution and helps to fall asleep by maintaining a harmonious vibration for your body, mind and spirit. The energy pulse can be brought anywhere in the world with the transfer disks. And it also revitalizes the water if a glass jug with the liquid is placed near the device.

A photo is placed with the full name written on the back and the desired thing is visualized while the first button is moved until your intuition stops it. Then the wish fulfilled is imagined while the second knob is moved and the third is turned while is maintain an imaginary dialogue with someone that congratulates you on the achievement ...

life force  generator rad1000.png

A L L   I S  M I N D

Life Force Genrator RAD1000


Turn it on every day for one hour so the order will be sent to the Universe as a numeric value through the life energy. The Rad1000 is a thought amplifier so if you are fearful or desperate its use is detrimental. That will be manifested. For more information check this tutorial but if you buy it we can show you how to use it.

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