Sexual Potency Booster

Sexual Potency Booster


Is a transfer disc specially formulated to improve sexual energy in men. It potentiates the vital energy created by the generator and acummulated it in the right area of the body. It is possible to use it by placing liquids on it or by keeping it close to you. The disk don´t cure any disease, it is just a method to have a plus of sexual energy on the moment you need it. The orgone energy is intrinsic connected with sexuality.


It carries a one-month unconditional money back guarantee !


The use is simple, once the small disk is connected to the Chi generator, the large disk receives the duplicated vital energy. Keep it close in the right moment is how it helps. Also, could be used to enhance water for the same purpose, or for revitalizing liquids. For best results, we recommend using it with one of the next Chi generators: Performer 2400,  LPOG Deluxe, LPOG HD, The PFC 2000 or the PFC 2400. 


This transfer disk triples the energy of small generators and water optimizers. The size of the big disk is enough to carry drinks to charge them with sexual energy. It could be a good ally to maintain the love between a couple.

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