What is Spirituality ?

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Spirituality is training the Spirit, which is the invisible area of our bodies. When this field of light around the physical body is huge, robust, and shiny a person starts to operate with an unimaginable potential for those who have a small and dark spirit. The spirit can be expanded by cultivating the light on it by Meditation, Tai-chi, Qigong, and other spiritual practices. When the Spirit has a lot of light inside because of the daily training, life changes completely, a person activates a higher potential, becomes positive, gentle and happy without effort, they naturally feel good even in hard situations just because of the inner light. Also, it is reached a higher dimension where there is access to better knowledge and more active and positive people.

On the other hand, people who do not train the spirit normally live with uncertainty and chaos because they have no idea that the energy they spread daily determines how going to be the next moments they will live. It is very possible to create a great life by training the spirit and by using the energy strategically, especially the feelings and thoughts. People do not train the Spirit because they do not know the real magical benefits that bring having a healthy and robust spirit, this is the reason of this article why I wrote this other article that I encourage you to read for awakening your higher potential.

The darkness of the spirit projects a Hell in the life of everyone !

Now let´s talk about the key to manifest with success. The reality is a weird reflection of who we are, this can be easily perceive it without doubt when the Spirit is with light because the light inside us accelerates the vibration of our bodies and our reality changes, everything moves faster. So, after giving something, you will receive it so quickly that it will be obvious for you that we are one. In front of you, there is only a mirror of yourself, that means, what you give to someone you are giving it to yourself.


When the Spirit is dark, that darkness is reflected outside with delays and problems that make our manifestations slow. This is just a reflection of the low vibration of the person. When a person has a dark and unhealthy spirit the vibration of the body is slow while the people with a big Spirit maintain a higher vibration that attracts their goals faster because everything in their lives unfolds with speed as an external reflection of their inner state.

The Spirit is invisible because vibrates very very fast and organic matter is visible because vibrates slowly, so, when a person has a spirit bigger than the physical area the vibration of the whole body is faster than the vibration of the body from a person with a small obscure spirit. This people with a dark spirit has almost no power to manifest using the Law of attraction.

How we can train the Spirit ?

With meditation or sex it is possible to store large amounts of light in the body, what ? Sex ?

This book is talking about Why coitus is the most powerful meditation ? and other cool aspects of the reality that the author found that almost no one is talking about and it can be a great help to speed up your manifestations.

After he discovered that when his girlfriend was thinking of him information about her appear in the environment, wherever he goes, he understood that reality is projected in the present time by the mind and the information or the energy from his girlfriend was affecting what was appearing around him. When he sees many things in relation to her around him, he knows that she is thinking about him, but this not only happens with her but also with his family and friends. So, there is no doubt that many things do not exist only until arrive to us and what is inside the mind influences the shape of them. This is very hard to believe because of how incredible it is, however this is something that anyone could perceive.

People with more light within the spirit affect reality in a more powerful way, they manifest faster because it is that light that shapes reality. It is important that you also observe that by having a Healthy Spirit everything flows perfectly and love will be around because the inner light is literally "Love and Information". Therefore, there going to be lovely situations with lovely people in life and the personality becomes wiser due to the information contained within the spirit. The author describes HELL as a reality projected naturally by the person with a dark spirit. The inner darkness is reflected outside, in the material reality as problems and delays that cause the manifestations to arrive late or even being destroyed.

The information contained in this book is unique, strategic and could change your life completely...

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