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What is the true meaning of spirituality?

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Spirituality is training the Spirit, which is the invisible area the human body. When this field of light around the physical body is huge, robust, and shiny a person becomes pretty healthy and has access to unimaginable potential. Spirituality is not a movement or religion, everybody is spiritual because the spirit is just a part of the body.

Spirit is measurable and we normally born with a bright spirit that shrinks and darkens due to lifestyle and many products we consume that affect the non-physical area of the body that many ignore that exists because is not visible, including some scientists, religious leaders, and many doctors who should know the human body well enough to be able to heal people.

But the reality is that most doctors are only trained to become drug dealers, to recommend chemical products that normally have negative side effects, this is why I recommend using them as little as possible. With herbs in extract and some foods you can heal most conditions or by using a Rife Machine. So spirituality is not a new movement, reading about chakras, or using crystals. It is a holistic practice that you can implement even if you practice a religion and I going to talk in detail about it and give some good tips to maintain your spirit healthy, shinny and I will describe some incredible benefits that you will get from it.

What is Spirituality ?

Spirituality is the practice of different disciplines to expand, grow and shine the spirit by cultivating there light and life force from different sources. This makes available to the person a lot of energy around the physical body that can be used to mold reality and heal other people. All this has been documented and demonstrated by Dr. Joe Dispenza and all the scientists who visit his seminars to study the miraculous healings happening there.

Spirituality is a discipline that maintains the whole body in excellent condition and it is strategic for rejuvenation. That's why there is a lot spiritual content in this anti-aging blog. Since you will not be able to have great results to rejuvenate your body, look younger and become healthier, if you do not work on the larger part of your body that is not visible.

When your spirit is huge and shiny you become divine, peaceful, wise, compassionate, happy, full of energy, you feel amazing and grateful naturally. On the other hand, people with a small dark spirit, is negative, and conflictive. Spirituality is not an intellectual activity. You are not a footballer by reading books on how to play soccer or by watching matches, just by playing. Your spirit will never expand and become shiny if you don't cultivate the light in your body through practices as Tai-Chi, Qi Gong, Kundalini Yoga, Tantric sex or Meditation.

How do you Practice Spirituality ?

Spirituality is practiced through activities that expand and strengthen the spirit as well as preventing that the light within it be wasted. Meditation, and Yoga, are the most popular ways to cultivate the light. However, Tantric sex is the best one, which is for us the kabbalist, the most powerful Meditation, which is also the title I used for the book I wrote on the subject. In a nutshell, Tantric sex is the practice of cultivating energies in the body that are only available during the act of procreation, but please read this article if you want to know more.

Meditation with closed eyes is the second most powerful method of harnessing light which is attracted and stored once your mind is without turbulent activity. Taichi, Kundalini Yoga or Qigong are great but less powerful because the eyes are open and your mind is active recording data from the environment. Meditation is even more rejuvenating than sleeping because when you sleep your body stays alert but when you meditate you sleep awake and you know that everything is safe. However sleeping is more important than meditation.

But spirituality is a whole lifestyle because there are things that shrink the spirit like stress, consuming some foods, alcohol, certain medications, smoking and toxic metals from the environment that accumulate in the body and interfere with the flow of life force. Overthinking also shrinks the spirit and practicing solitude or avoiding the media can be strategic to avoid the triggering of unwanted thoughts that drain your energy, and distract you from your goals.

Consuming certain foods is important for the expansion of the spirit as raw fruits and vegetables. With a Kirlian photography, you can see the amount of light from foods, and the light is greatly reduced when you cook and boil them. On the other hand, ultra-processed foods and meat are almost dark and digesting them depletes a lot of light from the body, that's why many people who want to have a huge golden spirit avoid them.

Everything nutritious increases the light in your spirit as superfoods like spirulina, eggs, nuts, ginger, berries or avocados and Gingseng, Gotu kola or Reishi mushroom can be taken in supplementation to increase the life force within the body. Spending time in nature nourishes the spirit from energies available in those environments while Electrosmog is a pollution that disturbs the spirit, unbalance your chakras and it is important to clean it as I described here.

What are the benefits of spirituality ?

The main benefits of having a big golden spirit are maintaining a real connection with GOD, excellent health, and the power to mold reality with your attention, imagination, and words. This is a great gift from GOD to everyone but most of the people are using it in a very negative way and the ignorance of this is what creates all the misfortunes on the planet and not an underground evil government. I am not denying that evil rules the world, but exactly that is a manifestation of the majorities result of ignoring their true potential.

Let's talk about the first benefit that is the establishment of a true connection with GOD that happens when the spirit is huge and bright. In that state you are a naturally peaceful, happy, grateful, kind and a wise person. Are not all these attributes well seen by GOD ? On the other hand, people with a small spirit are in very animal state of consciousness with fear and survival result of not being able to understand that GOD is very close to them, guiding and protecting them. They still do not perceive yet that reality is influenced by us energetically.

You also gain an incredible health when your spirit is huge because your body is an ecosystem with many different creatures that maintain it and that energy nourishes them with vitality. Your cells are alive and use the light of the spirit to carry out their functions. On the other hand, all that light is available energy that can be used to heal and this is well documented by Dr. Joe Dispenza who has witnessed thousands of miraculous healings in his seminars even from deadly conditions like cancers that traditional doctors were not able to cure. There are a lot of incredible testimonials available on Youtube, check them out !

And the last benefit I'll talk about is the power to shape reality faster. What happens in life is influenced energetically by the mind and emotions. Then a person with a dark spirit usually feel depression, sadness, emptiness and negative thinking is the result of that state, what attracts unpleasant events and people. On the other hand, when you have vitality and feel happy is attracted positive opportunities and people. Also, you are able to notice that your attention is influencing the environment, so you can develop your own methods to bring close to you what is need it to accomplish your goals and make your dreams come true.

By following a spiritual practice, your body remains young and beautiful as well. I am sharing more advice regarding the subject in all these articles available here but if you prefer having me as spiritual coach, feel free to contact me on Telegram, my username is @Pranachy. And before you go subscribe to my newsletter to keep in contact and please help me to spread this knowledge by sharing this post in your social media or with your friends and family. Here is the pin that you can share in Pinterest if you use that platform, I will appreciate it. Thanks!




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