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How to fight aging correctly ?

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Life expectancy is going to skyrocket in the coming years and you can be part of this new culture of people keeping their bodies as young as possible. Fighting aging is not only about taking supplements to activate Sirtuins, mitochondrial function, remove senescent cells, DNA cleaning or lengthen telomeres. It's all about maintaining certain lifestyle. Do you agree ? Pollution causes deterioration and aging is that, basically. Sugars do not cause aging cause deterioration, as well as toxins in the air, in foods and even electromagnetic pollution. To maintain your bodies without deterioration you need to keep them away from external and internal pollution. It is well proven by epigenetics that the environment influences the genes. Inside you are an ecosystem full of life. A good example are the mitochondria, the battery of your body, which are bacteria, living beings inside your cells that summitry the energy you feel and the energy that your cells use to exist, create proteins and keep all the body functions working properly. It is important surround your body with life inside and outside.

By keeping living plants in your home you can maintain a healthy environment, with clean air, abundant oxygen with a healthy energetic atmosphere as well by using an orgone generator which is the only device in the market that cleans the contaminated life force energy produced by EMFs and for creating living water to drink. Which is the state that water has in nature, where is moving and saturated with life force energy, on this state is more beneficial.

So, for reversing your biological age and look younger you need to follow a complete new life style and not only consume supplements. Your habits, emotions, thoughts, pollution, your diet, physical exercise or the quality of your sleep influence your gene expression. To be able to fight aging correctly first, you need the right knowledge and then, taking action. That´s why joining my anti-aging mastermind group could be very beneficial, motivating and fun.

How to fight aging correctly ?

How to reset your age ?

It is possible to reverse your biological age with certain actions like fasting, eating certain foods, drinking certain teas and avoiding pollution as well. Some foods help more than others, the same with teas and supplements. Even avoiding certain emotions is important because they deteriorate your body and promote diseases such as cancer. Stress and fear block the function of your killer cells, the ones that fight and remove cancer and viruses.

Content as the news and horror movies cause negative feelings that spread toxins inside your body and almost no one is talking about it. Foods such as refined sugars, white breads and pastas deplete your body of nutrients and as a result your body lacks the tools it needs to repair and for maintenance. What promotes aging and lethal diseases like heart attacks.

You need to be a ninja to consume supplements correctly otherwise most of them going to be wasted in the bathroom. A good example is vitamin D supplementation, which should be taken with some fat for better assimilation and always with vitamin K2 to avoid kidney stones. Also, there are supplements like Turmeric or Jiaogulan that you can use to activate AMPK pathway, that has been described as a kind of magic bullet for health on this article.

If you never heard about all this and you are fighting aging by using only skin care products for sure, you are in the wrong path. They effect for reducing wrinkles is very superficial, it is better to consume 10 grams of collagen, with hyaluronic acid, enough foods with vitamin C and even cleanse your liver using the protocol described in this article from this blog.

You can reset your age by consuming certain nutrients that activate interesting body functions that have a very good impact in the whole body like Coenzyme Q10 that improves mitochondrial function and increases energy in your cells. Co Q10 should be taken in supplement only by people over 40s or older because your body reduces the production when you get older and should be consumed with fats for better absorption.

Knowledge is important to restore your age, knowing the simple habits that help you it is strategic. But also taking action and it is often difficult to build new habits and create a new personality if you are doing everything by your own. That's why being part of a group of people who motivate each other could be the best method to reset your biological age.

How to fight aging correctly ?

Join the anti-aging movement

It is time to take action and learn about the best habits, foods, supplements and products to fight aging. Joining a group of people who wants to prove to the world that we can live much longer and age slowly probably is something you would love to do. So, probably you are interested to hear about the Master Mind Group that I want to build with groups of people interested to learn how to reverse aging, to take action and support each other.

Forever Young Mastermind is the group I want to create with people interested and motivated to reverse their biological age as much as possible. On each meeting you will learn simple but very strategic habits and nutrients you can have to reverse your biological age and look younger. Then, will be your own decision the amount of action you take to get results.

When we are in a group we feel motivated and more ideas and strategies are shared to help us achieve the desired transformation. Changes are not well received by the brain, but if you join this group you will be pushed by the other members to accomplish your goals. Let's compete with each other and see who is the most capable of rejuvenating the most.

Join the master mind group here, it going to be 2 virtual meetings per month. Where I going to guide you to reverse your biological age for the first minutes and then each member going to share their goals and listen advice from other members. I going to coach the group on each meeting and then the mastermind will occur, where each member participate.

This group is only for people into holistic health, that consider the spirit as the invisible area of the body and who is interested in herbal remedies. This is because meditation like this one and nutrients from plants are the tools we going to use mostly. If you are a wellness expert going to be amazing that you join and support the group with your advice.

I can't wait to see you there, but also by reading this blog you can access for free to strategic information that you can apply to reverse your age and avoid age-related diseases. Keep reading and subscribe to my newsletter to keep in contact. Do not forget to visit my store and buy a Chi generator to clean in your home the toxic energies produced by EMFs.




I am Cristian Jordan, author of this blog where I am sharing the best habits, products and nutrients, to promote the preservation of your body. 

In this blog is the knowledge you need to reverse and delay aging, extend your healthspan, and almost never get sick.

Join Pranachy to learn more about the lifestyle that allows you to look younger,  boost your beauty, shed excess weight, fortify against diseases, and elevate your vibration and consciousness.

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