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How a Life Force Generator reduces the impact of the 5G technology

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

In some places our vitality is reduced the time we spent there because are infested with electromagnetic pollution, could be the subway or a supermarket with a lot of compact fluorescent lights on the ceiling but sometimes is our bedroom or the office where we spent long periods of time. The vitality is reduced because there is not a natural flow of life force around us. In the forest, for example, we feel revitalized because there is a movement of the vital energy generated by the trees, plants, and herbs.

The vital energy gets rigid in contact with the fields that generate electronic devices, compact fluorescent lights, modems, etc. with this deformed shape, its movement is greatly reduced and becomes stagnant. The vitality is reduced for lack of the flow in areas where those devices are operating. In the case of the 5G technology, the vitality will be reduced in spaces close to the antennas, almost everywhere.

The way a life force generator helps is by maintaining a constant flow of vital energy 24 hours a day like taking the forest with you wherever you go.

It is possible to create a wonderful healthy ecosystem by introducing plants and life force generators in the home or office. It is a good way to reduce the impact of electromagnetic pollution around 80%. I did it in my own place where I suffered migraines and insomnia during 2 years due to the depressing atmosphere generated by the electromagnetic pollution. After turned on my life force generator the ambiance greatly changed but still remains a bit unpleasant, then I discovered that was diminished when I open the windows so the air was polluted also.

By introducing plants to purify the air I managed to create a really pleasant atmosphere in my apartment and the dirty electricity is still there. With the right life force generator and plants is possible to clean the disturbing ambiance generated by unnatural frequencies.

How a Life Force Generator reduces the impact of the 5G technology

With the 5G technology a lot of antennas going to be around, so, more spaces with stagnant vital energy going to exists. This stationary energy could generates any disease in the body, Yes, absolutely any disease ! Because our body is just a bunch of trillions of cells and they need a constant flow of vital energy to operate with success, without vitality their functions are reduced, they are tired, they are not Ok, that is the begging of any disease.

It is not logical that if the cells are fatigued, any problem could arise in any part of the body ?

The fields coming from Antennas make the vital energy rigid and its movement become is slow; could be so rigid as a rock and can be accumulated inside the meridians where the vital force is distributed to all the cells. An energetic blockage is created and a certain area of the body is affected. If the accumulation is huge the flow is reduced considerably and any disease could be developed; the cells cannot operate if they are very very tired, it is just impossible, the environment can affect our cells or empower them.

The rigid vital energy is called Ja Ki, and is a good idea to keep it away from our lives. Are the negative emotions and artificial frequencies that generate the Ja ki. A kind of energy with a stagnant shape. Even if negative emotions create Ja ki, sometimes, is the slow flow of vital force who generates those negative feelings, for lack of vital force we could feel hopeless, without inspiration and disturbed, on that state we could take the wrong decisions and say the wrong words. A shiatsu healer that know the method to remove the Ja ki accumulated inside the organism is a good option to eliminate it from our bodies.

The vital energy is a type of energy that feeds our cells, the plants, the animals and the people with vitality. When the vital force is clean, it flows constantly between everything alive and water. In an environment where the vital energy is moving frequently we feel positive, alive, with vitality as we feel in nature. Is why people love the beaches, the lakes and forests, all them are revitalizing environments where the body and mind are surrounded by large amounts of clean Life Force energy. The water accumulates this energy, whether clean or dirty, and we are water to a great extent, the oceans need the life force to house life in them.

Nowadays, it is possible to stay in areas with scare flow of vital force for very long periods of time, because those places could be our own bedroom, the school or office. In that scenario we could have a lazy attitude, without inspiration because the vitality is scarce. A person who sleeps in the same contaminated bedroom for 10 years can accumulate enough Ja ki that reduces 5 or 15% of the vital energy flow in the body, even in natural environments. Because the Ja Ki can be accumulated in the walls of the meridians where this energy is distributed to all cells. The 5G technology will infested with Ja ki more areas of the cities with all those antennas, but is because most of the people ignores about the vital energy that technologies are causing havoc in society, so it is important to expand this knowledge.

Karl Hans discovered a smart way to shoots large amounts of clean vital energy wherever a life force generator is on, he invented those gadgets. The best part is that everyone can be with a constant flow of clean vital energy anywhere bringing a Transfer Disk. The vital energy can be send by very long distances from the generator to a transfer disk, so a person can be revitalized 24 hrs in any part of the planet. A Life Force Generator could revitalize home, office or yourself with a constant pulse of vital energy. As result you can be in a constant flow of clean vital energy anywhere. Does not exist a similar technology and we are grateful for all the support of our clients. We are doing our best to keep the people with vitality. Lack of vitality generates a negative impact. The life force is important as the oxygen or water and is time to start taking care of our vitality, the vitality of our friends and family.

Compact fluorescent lights, electric stoves, refrigerators, televisions, cell phones, modems, wireless signals, cordless phones, antennas, etc. produce artificial frequencies that reduce the flow of vital energy to all living beings. Because plants, herbs and tress attract and expel the vital energy, is possible to create a revitalizing environment at home or office by introducing many plants, on this article we show you the best ones to purify the air and reduce the impact of Electrosmog. However, remember that all plants make vital energy move.

We strongly recommend to through to the garbage your micro-oven if you are using one because it removes nutrients from food and contaminates it with radiation, we also recommend using LED lights or regular bulbs and a life force generator.

The Life Force Generators and the Water Optimizers return the natural flow and shape of the contaminated vital energy. We need the support of the people to reduce the contaminated vital energy from the planet :)

The next pictures show places where our vitality reduces the time we spend there because the compact fluorescent lights disturb the vital force...

Most of the public transport use compact fluorescent lights, those bulbs produce a radioactive field that is not dangerous when is far, however, that field around them makes the vital force stiff generating an atmosphere without movement of the vital energy. So is possible to feel fatigue, lack of inspiration and negative feelings when we spend long periods there. Under this state is hard to have good ideas, take the right decisions and say the right words, the performance is reduced. If this makes sense to you and you are in those places often go right now here to purchase a Life force generator.

Vitality on the cells is very important to maintain balance and health. Without vitality cells are tired and do not perform as well as in the revitalized environment of the forest where their energetic supply is constant. For very long periods of time it could be harmful for the cells the lack of vitality. Having a constant energetic supply is strategic. Cells need the natural flow of life force to be healthy and have normal lives if this happens you going to be healthy, positive and more balanced. Using a Life Force Generator is a way to maintain your vital force untouchable !

About 5G Technology

To be operable this technology is necessary a lot of antennas everywhere, that means vital force contaminated in more areas. In this scenario a life force generator will be a basic for everyone, because people could have a natural source of vital energy everywhere. A life force generator is a unique product in the market that protects you for the lack of vital force that exists in some corners of the cities. We suggest to use life force generators and cultivate the life force with meditation, Tai chi or Qigong. With vitality, we could experiment more great moments, even in simple scenarios, because is how we feel that makes a moment great or not.




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