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Everything About Gemstone Heating Mattresses for PEMF and Infrared Rays Therapy with Negative Ions

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Heating mattresses for PEMF and infrared therapy are great products to detox your body, reduce pain, improve blood circulation, increase energy levels and rejuvenate. If you take care of yourself holistically you will love having one of these mattresses, also if you are a spiritual person because you can use them to maintain your aura and chakras balanced.

Massage therapists, Reiki healers or Kinesiologists can use them while giving a session to their clients to reduce pain and improve health. Crystals as Amethyst or Black tourmaline have a piezoelectric effect and when they are heated liberate negative ions that are beneficial for the organism, these gems are included in most of these types of mattresses.

A great tool to use for keeping your body young, healthy and beautiful but as well for reducing pain. To use them, you must turn it on to the temperature you want and keep yourself there for about an hour. It can be used during meditation, a movie, taking a nap, during a massage or yoga practice. And next, I will talk next about the different functions and benefits of these gadgets so you can find out if it's something you'd like to purchase and use.

Everything About Gems Heating Mattress for PEMF and Infrared Therapy with Negative Ions

How do infrared heating mattresses work?

When the mattress is plugged in, it generates a constant flow of heat that surrounds you. The gemstones then release a large number of far infrared rays and negative ions, which, in long-term exposure, promotes blood circulation, speeds metabolism, enhances immunity, decreases inflammation, and kills bacteria. They can be used to ameliorate the blood pressure, reduce inflammation, improve physical fatigue and sleep quality.

According to this report from the American Heart Association, Heating pads may lower blood pressure in people with supine hypertension due to autonomic failure, a condition that increases blood pressure when lying down. Overnight heat therapy significantly decreased systolic blood pressure compared to a placebo. Heat therapy may be an innovative, non-pharmacologic approach to treat the overnight high blood pressure in these patients.

Some Heating mattresses like the Tourmaline Jade Photon Heating Mattress include Photons, a kind of LED light particle that carries information and energy. They emit far-infrared rays that penetrate deeper into human tissues stimulating cell regeneration. Something beneficial for treating wounds, scars and skin imperfections. Infrared therapy has been shown to be effective in reducing chronic low back pain, without adverse effects.

About PEMF Mattresses

PEMF therapy is primarily used to decrease pain related to injuries or chronic conditions. Traditional PEMF devices often come as full-body mats you lie down on during a therapy session. They provide low-frequency, low-magnitude magnetic waves close to the Earth's natural field that are optimal for healing, enhancing the body's natural recovery process. The use recharges cells with vitality and improves energy levels and sports performance.

The ChakraMat R2500 is a PEMF Therapy Heating Mattress, which includes 7 crystals that balance your Chakras when you lie on it. By heating these gems, negative ions, and infrared rays are generated. Photon lights are included in their design whose infrared rays penetrate deeper into the skin reducing inflammation, improving skin conditions, pain and helping to recover faster from an injury. Its use improves the performance of your cells and organs.

Everything About Gems Heating Mattress for PEMF and Infrared Therapy with Negative Ions

Benefits of PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy helps to eliminate the accumulated fatigue in the main parts of the human body, activating the body's cells, promoting blood circulation, enhancing the body's immunity, and improving sleep. This is because your body works with electromagnetic pulses that are positively influenced by the use of these mattresses, while the electromagnetic pollution that surrounds us interrupts and unbalances these natural pulses that occur in our organisms.

The application of certain frequencies in the body can cure diseases because each part of our body vibrates in certain resonance and when it is disturbed and unbalanced, the area stop working properly, it can be an important gland like the thyroid and as result you get fat. Spooky2 is a device that helps to cure diseases through frequencies and allow you to keep balanced the resonance of each part of your body but also certain frequencies can be used to destroy pathogens as cancer cells, viruses, parasites and bacteria without side effects.

Spooky can be used as well for PEMF therapy and includes many presets that can be used. But if you love crystals, especially Amethyst I recommend you the Seven Gems Heating Mattress which price is quite affordable but it does not have Photon lights and PEMF as the mattresses I already talked before. However, feel free to write me in Telegram if you want to know more, my username is @Pranachy and subscribe to my newsletter to keep in contact.




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