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Anti-aging recipe to burn fat, improve your skin, muscle, and health condition

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Fat burning is easier than you think and very cheap, and many people are following the wrong advice like practice a lot of sports and count the calories that make things worst. Because by eating just a few calories you slow down your metabolism and a person with a very slow metabolism can block the fat-burning process for 3 days just by eating one donut.

Also practicing sports for a long period of time stresses your body and it produces sugars that stop the fat-burning process for hours. It is important you know that losing weight by eating a few calories and practicing a lot of sports makes your whole body disappear not only the fat but the following method, will help you to vanish only your fat.

This is how I help to reverse the biological age of the people that book my services here. It the only way to increase sirtuin activation and the production of certain hormones that make your body repair and heal as it does when you are young. These body functions decrease when you get older and by increasing them again you start to reverse your biological age and if you are curious to know which is your real age in your body you can make a test here.

Anti-aging recipe to burn fat improve your skin, muscle and health condition

What makes people gain weight ?

People gain weight due to only 3 factors, Hormonal imbalance, a low nutritional diet, and environmental pollution. Toxins in the environment called obesogens make people gain weight by inflaming the body and unbalancing the hormones. Nutritional deficiency causes uncontrollable cravings and low nutritional food normally stops the fat burning process due to the sugars contained. And excessive insulin, cortisol, and estrogens make you gain weight.

How can I burn fat ?

There is only one method to burn fat and it is keeping your body without insulin which is a type of body signal that blocks the fat-burning process, then only when there is no insulin your body burns fat. This hormone is released each time that you eat something and it is triggered when sugar is in the bloodstream. Insulin is released to convert sugar into fat.

Many food products can block the fat-burning process for days due to their high amounts of sugars which make your body release too much insulin. Also, stress causes your body to release insulin this is because your body produces sugars when cortisol is released, the stress hormone. Then by eating less frequently, avoiding the consumption of some products, and maintaining your stress levels low you going to be able to make your body burn fat.

When there is no insulin in your bloodstream other hormones are released, one of them is growth hormone which allows your body to burn fat as an energy source. This is because when there is insulin your cells are eating, assimilating nutrients, and only when they finish, they can do other activities like cleaning and only until then, they start to remove the excessive fat which is garbage to your body, it is too much and your body does not need it.

Anti-aging recipe to burn fat improve your skin, muscle and health condition

When is the moment your body burns more fat ?

The moment when your body removes more fat is during sleep because basically, you are fasting for 8 hours, and each time you eat something you release insulin. But also something interesting happens at that time. Your brainwaves slow down and delta brain activity predominates which is the moment when more growth hormone and other very beneficial hormones are released in your body. Which promotes the burn of fat and body rejuvenation.

This state is less frequent when you get older or by drinking alcohol or caffeine late. Also, electromagnetic pollution interrupts the sleep cycle, and the consequences of not having a deep delta are very dramatic. It increases the risk of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, wrinkles, cognitive deterioration, etc and if you noticed it all they are age-related conditions, so basically it promotes aging due to the lack of the release of growth hormone.

This is why I include an orgone generator in my yearly package "reverse 10 years of your biological age in only one year" because sleep is the foundation of your entire life. And the only way that my clients get results is by having delta brain wave activity each night by having this device in their bedrooms.

The orgone generator influences your brainwave activity when you sleep and facilitates falling asleep. It is like using binaural beats but in complete silence and without annoying headphones. When the device emits the frequency of 3.5 Hz your brain is influenced and as result, you going to sleep deeply, it is so powerful that can even cure chronic insomnia.

A quality night of sleep is even more important than practicing exercise.

People do not lose weight because they do not sleep enough what triggers cortisol and food cravings. And most of the advice for losing weight out there is to make people believe that it is all about calories and hours of exercise because the food industry wants that you believe this to keep consuming their products that skyrocket insulin levels and deplete your bodies nutrients what increases the risk of cancer, strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, and dementia.

Anti-aging recipe to burn fat improve your skin, muscle and health condition

Low nutrition foods promote gain weight

Many unhealthy products saturated with sugars use synthetic vitamins in their ingredients to make you believe that they are healthy. These vitamins are made from petroleum and your body does not assimilate them and they are in products like cereals for children that are unhealthy because they deplete your family from important nutrients by consuming them.

Also, diet products increase insulin levels, alcohol, and all those products that contain in their ingredients glucose, lactose, fructose, dextrose, maltose, corn syrup which are other ways to describe sugars. And you should be careful with GMO foods that really destroy your organism and many products in the supermarket contain them as everything with corn syrup in their ingredient and soja. This poison kills important bacteria your body needs for nutrients assimilation promoting cancer, depression, and autoimmune disorders.

This is a very serious issue because there is a lot of people committing suicide due to depression which is a disorder caused by an unhealthy intestine which is the area where more neurotransmitters that make you feel happy, peace, and love for life are produced. And a lot of ignorants imagine that depression is a mental disorder. What makes people consume drugs that complicate things. So if you want to know how to cure depression and anxiety naturally, read this article with very complete information and share it with the world please !

Which foods can stop the fat-burning process for days ?

The foods that skyrocket the release of insulin are sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks, alcoholic beverages, chips, popcorn, candy cereals, bagels, crackers, biscuits, sweetened yogurts, white bread, pasta, diet products and all those that contain unhealthy sugars. All they are literally garbage that you are throwing into your body and the accumulation of this junk is what is your fat is. Healthy sugars are in fruits and they give your body important nutrients instead of stealing them from your body, take them in the morning preferably.

It is important that you consume only foods and beverages that make you release low insulin levels and you do not need to suffer because there are even sweets, desserts, pizza, bread, and ice cream but you need to invest your time in finding them. In this way, you going to be able to use the fat you introduce as energy source but there are other tasks you need to do.

Because your condition could be due to hormonal imbalance, insulin is a hormone, estrogens as well and if you want that me as your coach guiding to your perfect body shape and helping you to keep it forever with a new healthy life style that will improve your physical appearance as well, book a session with me now. It gonna be fun and will help you to lose weight while you are improving your overall health, beauty, and physical performance.

As an anti-aging health coach, I can help you to burn fat, reverse your biological age, extend your healthspan and the secrets I going to share with you going to help your family maintain excellent health. Losing weight could be easier than many think but it is important to know the root of the problem, this is why having a coach is the best investment.

I hope to meet you soon and if found a lot of value on this article subscribe to my newsletter to keep in contact with me. I going to send you emails with discounts, important news and other type of surprises. Also, share this article with the people you love.

Thank you ! You are awesome :)




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