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Anti-Aging Meditation for Before Bed Guided by Dr Joe Dispenza

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

I found this wonderful anti-aging meditation for before bed guided by Joe Dispenza that I want to share to all my readers reversing their biological age. Some of the most important habits to delay aging is meditation, it provides great benefits to the biggest area of your body, the spirit. This part is like a flame that perishes and meditation is a method to cultivate the cosmic energy that nourishes this flame and keep it alive for longer, extending healthspan.

There are many studies proven that the regular practice of meditation increases telomeres length. One of these studies is this one which participants meditate for only 15 minutes. In addition meditate reduces inflammation and stress both extremely important to keep away when you are working on your health. During Covid I knew I couldn't get ill due to my long meditation practice but I never shared this thought with anyone until in a clinical study led by Dr. Joe Dispenza observed in long meditators that their cells were untouchable by the virus.

Most successful people meditate, they activate their spiritual potential and they become persons that wants to help and solve the problems of others. In the next guided meditation, certain commands are given to your body, useful for reversing your biological age and live longer. They can be very beneficial, especially when you listen to them in a meditative state.

The practice of meditation has great anti-aging benefits, and strengthens your body. In every function of the body is used light available in the spirit that increases by meditating. Very empowering hormones with a lot of anti-aging benefits are released as well, one of them is oxytocin. This hormone makes a person empathic, honest, in alignment, promoter of peace and love, qualities that are appreciated by GOD no matter what religion we talk about.

Can meditation make you look younger ?

No precisely, meditation slows down the aging process and expands healthspan by providing to your whole body the light needed to operate properly. But for looking younger and reverse your biological age is important avoid pollution, introduce strategic nutrients, maintain cortisol and insulin low and sleep pretty well. If you want to look younger the best is having the guidance from an expert like me because a whole lifestyle needs to be implemented.

There are interesting supplements that can extend the lifespan as AAKG, or Berberine as well as meditation but for looking younger your cells need to repair the body often and they need the right nutrients for this work. If you would like to look younger a habit that definitely going to help is fasting and introducing the strategic nutrients at the same time. In this article I am talking about Why fasting is the most important habit to reverse your biological age.

Meditation can reverse aging

To know which is your biological age you need to do an epiAge test like this that uses methylation markers on your DNA to determine your actual epigenetic age. You need to send samples with your DNA and then you receive the result in number, it could be 30 years while you are 40. So meditation helps keeping this score low but this does not guarantee a younger appearance. It is needed more but the best is having the guidance of an expert like me who enjoys learning more and more about the strategies that allow you look younger.

And one of these strategies of course is meditation, it is amazing but it is more empowering to have a complete lifestyle that maintains the preservation of your body for looking younger and for that purpose is essential the knowledge spread on this blog. Because very interesting discoveries have been released that support we are in a time where humans going to live much longer in good conditions. We are also in a golden age, and people who live in those periods stay young longer, their healthpan is extended, and disease is greatly reduced.

Anti-aging meditation for before bed guided by Dr Joe Dispenza

How to reverse your biological age ?

With certain habits and supplements you can influence your genes and increase bodily functions and hormones that are reduced with age. As result your body starts to rejuvenate and your biological age is reduced. Meditation and is one of these habits and fasting, which is very beneficial for those interested to look younger and extend healthspan.

With simple habits, certain foods and supplements, it is possible to revert 10 years of your biological age in only one year. Easy habits like having long walks, joining saunas, taking certain supplements or receiving the light from a infrared lamp for a few minutes are powerful anti-aging actions to take. Specially infrared light therapy because reduces wrinkles, inflammation and improves cellular function. For more information take a look at this article.

However, for the best results, expert guidance is important because everyone is different and each person must follow their own path and protocol determined by many factors, including age, gender, and lifestyle. So I want to invite you to look at my coaching services if you are interested in reversing your biological age, looking younger, extend your healthspan, improve your physical mental and spiritual performance and almost never get sick.

If you have a lot of goals, you love to be alive, nature, the animals, the planet, drinking coffee, eating healthy, taking supplements, having a spiritual practice, being surrounded by positive and great people and plants you should join my coaching sessions. Also, If you are vegetarian, vegan, emphatic, someone who practices intermittent fasting or a health expert interested to improve their knowledge for offering better services to their clients.

Without a doubt, this anti-aging meditation will help to rejuvenate your body if you practice it frequently before sleep. If you want to learn to meditate I recommend you the trainings from Ziva, however meditation is only about sitting down and stop thinking. For more information take a look at this article and before you go subscribe to my newsletter to stay in touch.




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