The Prana Generator® is a gift that my curiosity and creativity gave me. I was researching the Orgone energy and one day great things happened. There was a specific moment where I understood that "Pranic energy" could be somehow produced clean and continuously by a device.  Another unforgettable instant was when I successfully tested the first Orgone generator created in the history of humanity invented by me in 1991.


Surely Pleiadian aliens are living with more advanced technology but I am proud of all my effort and I am sure that this invention is a great contribution to society, especially for those who live in big cities where this energy is less or dirty.


Life force is for the organism so important as water, The quantity and quality of Prana and the way it flows through the body determines one’s state of mind. If the Prana level is high and its flow is continuous, smooth, and steady, the mind remains calm, positive and enthusiastic. This fervor brings us closer to happiness and joy brings us closer to success. With my invention entrepreneurs, athletes or any dreamer walking every day to their goals will have a bit of energy to maintain a high speed. Because of this, I launched on the market the first generator in 1992,  "the model EPG 2000". It was quite rudimentary with alternating layers of steel wool and fiberglass. With 14 inches long and 5 inches wide.

During the same year of 1992, a further step I made with the creation of the Orgonite®, a small container where much more prana energy could be accumulated to potentialize the generator. The next year I released on the market the first Chi Generator® model EPG 2000 with an "orgonite" inside. The generator enjoyed popularity due to its potency result of the orgonite. In the following years I devoted my efforts to developing more efficient and powerful generators.


More recently in 2002, I continue building devices to make life more beautiful, energetic, and healthy. This time I focused on water, a very important element to everyone. The tests I carried out showed that my invention The Water Optimizer returns the water to its original state removing the noxious information attached to where was stored and powers it up with life force. Another revolutionary contrivance was launched for the plenitude of people. I feel indebted to the community that contributes so much to my life day after day.


Pranachy is the store where everyone can purchase the cool gadgets invented by me, Karl Hans Welz. We (Pranachy) are returning all the good vibe that the community share with us every day. Our mission is to provide some force to the people to make their lives something memorable and fun! We are proud to say that the name of Chi energy or Pranic energy, in Occident is Orgone energy.