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Chi Generator PCF 2000
A magical environment 

In some cities around the world, life force was not taken into account when being built and nature was removed generating weakness in people. A strong Life Force makes a human being totally alive, alert and present while a weak force results in sluggishness and fatigue.

A place with 

L I F E   F O R C E

A revitalizing environment is where people is constantly supplied with large amounts of Life Force. We feel well in nature because those surroundings are full of life force. Hotels in big cities can recreate the revitalizing atmosphere of the forest with the Chi generators, making the guests and employees feel great in an inexplicable way. 

Orgone generator AGT12

A place without 

L I F E   F O R C E

Chi shooter3.png


The Chi energy shooter is the most popular device for Spas and restaurants. Cells use the life force for the maintenance of the body, shooting life force to the guest is the best way to finish a spa treatment. A meal can be loaded with high amounts of life force too.


Returns to the water the beautiful molecular structure that it has in nature as the water that flows in a river and charges it with vital force. It can also flood a room with life force at a neutral frequency. With a simple design, it is a good option to revitalize the hotel bedrooms.

Water Optmizer Deluxe


Was designed for athletes or people who need high performance. It could help a lot in the kitchen as well as in the gym of the hotel. Life force can be sent remotely, so the employees could be revitalized through transfer cards. For example with The ATG 12  is possible to revitalize up to 60 people.

Chi generator Performer 2400



We can send you Life Force by an image you should print and keep close to you. It is the only way to know if this is something that will have a real impact on the hotel. Click here to make a test right now. 

I invite you also to look at our wholesale prices by clicking here.

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