About me...

Is me Jordan the writer of the blog Pranachy and the author of the book “the most powerful meditation” with information about spirituality based on Kabbalah, quantum physics, and my life experience. But on my blog, I am talking about different areas of personal development to everyone can work on to become a better version of themselves.


My principal interest is anti-aging, So I started to write my second book where is described my coaching yearly package “reduce 10-20 years of your body age in only one year”  And in the last chapter I going to include natural remedies for different health conditions to know how to improve areas of your body with certain nutrients but my girlfriend Danja was asking me questions about dietary supplements, how to take them for better absorption, and about brands. So I decided to start the member's area of my blog with that information. With a list of the nutrients, you can introduce from plants to improve, and prevent health conditions, many health conditions naturally by the diet. 99% of the nutrients enlisted are based on plants but I am including some from animal sources because of their importance.


These remedies have scientific evidence from studies with animals and people but normally they are well known in natural healing traditions from India and China which have been successfully healing since 3000 years ago. This is not a guide with recipes to cure diseases, it is just a list of the nutrients you can use to empower certain areas of your body, mind, and spirit. Please use this information with wisdom. The products I am recommending have a good quality so buy them confidently if you do not know what to buy. I did a research of different brands before connecting their links on the guide. There are famous brands with negative results on independent laboratory tests.


This guide, which is the member's area of my blog is updated every single week. It going to be in expansion and I will be improving it with more information and more and more remedies for reversing aging, expand your health span, to improve your beauty and energy levels with natural and powerful remedies, from the medicine that GOD gives us throughout the creation, what we call nature. This guide is very easy to use and it is only written by me after I doing deep research about certain compounds, plants or nutrient.